Black Samsung U740 now available on Verizon

Samsung’s dual-hinged phone, SCH-U740, is now available in all black on the Verizon’s network. The SCH-U740 boast a 1.3 MP camera with flash, the Bluetooth connectivity, a microSD card slot and the support for a number of voice commands. Next, the device supports Verizon’s popular services like V CAST music and video, Get It Now and Mobile Web 2.0.

Black Samsung U740 - pic 1

The interesting thing about this device, except the dual hinge, is that it is NOT a smartphone, yet is has the integrated QWERTY keyboard. I guess texting is much more convenient this way…

Black Samsung U740 - pic 2

Anyway, the Samsung SCH-U740 costs $99.99 with a 2-year contract and included $50 online discount. (via: MobileWhack)

  • mike

    why doesn’t verizon have it to sell yet. I have called all week and they say they don’t have it yet

  • brittany

    is there any way possible I can use this phone if I have Alltel? I’ve had Alltel forever and I don’t want to change to Verizon, but I want this phone so bad?

  • steve lipa

    it is a good phone my sister just got it but i just got the EnV and people trust me the enV is a billion times better then this one but the enV desnt have tht great of battery life but save a few more dollars and get a way better phone (the enV)

  • bobby

    OMG SHOES I LOVE EGGS i once boiled an egg on this phone THATS HOW HOTT IT IS OMFG SHOES

  • Jamie


  • Jessica

    Where Can you purchess this phone I am Planing to buy one in november so…if u can please respond 🙁 ❗ ❓ 😯 💡 😳 🙄

  • heather

    GRRRRRRRRRRR i want this phone sosososo bad but i have At@t and they dont have this phoneee 🙁 ahhhhhh i want it soooooooo bad. like aton of my friends have it and its so easy to txt on i loveee itttt!!!i i like the env but i like this one soo much moreee!! could you pleasee respond to mee and let me know if AT andT has this phone cuzz i want it sosososo bad!!! thx a bunchh 🙂

  • GIRLLL =)

    i think that im gonna get this phone soon, because my 2 year contract is almost up so yeah. pretty sweet phone.

  • steph

    dose anyone know when the black u740 is coming to mts ❓

  • adsre

    this phone is really cool because it has a qwerty and it takes pix and it plays music. And no it is ONLY for verizon. Sorry i dont think it is that great. There is a new phone called the voyager that is pretty cool. there is also the samsung flipshot witch i theink is awsome but everyone says get it if u love the camera but i dont care about thr camera i just wantt the really coooooool phone with music and looks! 😐

  • fdjdak

    ❗ i want to buy this phone as prepaid cause my parents won’t let me get it as a regular phone, but i dont know where to go? can i just buy it off here? ❓

  • me

    this phone is sooooooo awesome. 🙂 😆 😉 😀 😎 😯 :mrgreen: 😛 🙄 😉 😮 😆 :mrgreen: 😯 🙂 😎 😀 😛 🙄 😉 😮 😆

  • DaSweetestPeach


    This phone is THA BEST!!! Especially tha keyboard part….Tha only thing I dont like it that I cant take pictures with tha phone closed…If there is a way can someone PLZ tell me how lol


    And to Heather I dont think AT&T has this phone…they might get it in tha later on but I dont think they have it now

  • SweetRockstar :)

    ❗ Im getting this Phone ina bout a Week Or Ten Days And I think itz a Great Phone! It Has Great Features, But people say The carmera iz not dat great, so I can live with out it! Kn’t wait, ❗ 🙄 😀

  • Jdizzle

    This phone is amazing, i get a new phone monday. 🙂 i have kinda big hands so i dont no if this phone is for me ❓

  • G-Dawg

    I think this phone is hot. i will be getting it in June on the 24th as a discount for my plan along with unlimited texting. I love all of the features including the qwerty and the stereo speakers. Its BitPim compatible (for those who dont know what that is it is an editing software that you can use to download ur musci and pics for free). But the only downside to this lovely phone is the tiny cramped keyboard. Other then that its awesome.

  • jayb

    i love this fone but i have cricket can u get this fone flashed and have long distances still??????

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