Sharp’s New Super Contrast LCD With Incredible Viewing Angles – For Mobile Phones


Sharp, ever the LCD pioneer, has developed a new 2.2 inch QVGA LCD for mobile devices. Another LCD for mobile phones, great. But actually, this new high-contrast mobile LCD tech really is great! With features like 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 176-degree viewing angle, and 8ms response time, this tiny LCD has the “bits” to play with the big boys.

Sharp says:

By fusing proprietary, high-resolution liquid-crystal-system technology with high-quality display technology cultivated through the development of Aquas LCD TVs, Sharp has developed a new LCD for mobile equipment that boasts the industry’s highest contrast ratio, a wide viewing angle that is top class in the industry, and image quality nearly as high as that of LCD TVs, claimed Sharp. The new LCD offers clearer, more colorful images than conventional mobile equipment, added the company.

The first shipment of these new-fangled LCD screens will be used in One-Seg mobile phones – watching DTV on your mobile phone just got a little sweeter. Then the new LCD’s will be used to expand Sharp’s mobile phone and digi-cam LCD offerings.


via: digitimes

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