Motorola Brick Cell Phone – 1995 Edition

Motorola brick phone monsterThis isn’t a joke, the phone you see here is a mobile phone (in the loosest interpretation) from Motorola works on CDMA networks (in Taiwan) and boasts a standby time of 20 days – almost a whole freakin’ month! Of course, from a phone this size, that’s to be expected.

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Remember how, back in the day, cellular phones were a rarity and brick-sized monstrosities were actually bad-ass (anyone remember Zack Morris of “Saved By The Bell”)? We’ve come a long way from then – these days, mobile phones can do just about anything and come in tiny, barely there packages. So, why would Motorola think there was a market for this monstrosity? Perhaps Moto’s recent financial woes have spurred the manufacturing giant to rethink it’s market appeal – seeing as how their current marketing strategy doesn’t seem to be working all that well.

Usually, when we describe a phone as brick-like, we mean that it is bigger and bulkier than not. This brick phone from Motorola is certainly redefining the term. Motorola brick phone monster

via: justamp

  • ……..


    • Anonymous

      Is that English, mate — what freakin’ language are you writing in??

    • Anonymous

      Is that English, mate — what freakin’ language are you writing in??

  • Tyrell

    More battery power, More DB, better SNR muhahahaha

  • Kerri

    This sucks its really ugly


  • MarcDLS

    I would sooo buy one if they offered it for Sprint network coverage.

  • christinelillian andersen

    Hellooo I want to buy one. Can you help??? Chrissy

  • Email

    Every nigger in da hood will want one.

  • Sd

    You suck


    I’d rather have a SmartCar. Icon Parking has a monthly rate for $99 a month for Smart Car owners!!!

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