Is there anyway I can send files to my computer over Bluetooth?

I’m not going installing the PC suite.

I’m enjoying a fresh Windows install too much to want to damage it by installing that piece of software that even most Nokian’s dislike.

I have images on my device I want to send to my computer without having to plug in my POP port to USB cable and selecting "Mass Storage Mode," is it possible?


Update: Got it working. I just had to right click the Bluetooth icon in my task bar and click "receive file." Didn’t know it was that easy. Thank you Google for pointing me to this thread over at Treo Central.

  • Valmore

    Sure you can, you only have to pair your phone with the computer through the bluetooh manager of windows, after that; you have to open the bluetooth manager and go to the receive a file feature in the menu and then you are ready

  • gonzalo

    yes it is possible, you need a bluetooth dongle on your laptop or if your laptop has integrated bluetooth. all you have to do is send the picture via bluetooth from your phone and it should detec your laptop and that’s it. it worked for me.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    My Bluetooth manager doesn’t have this feature.

  • Jeb

    If BT doesn’t work I have been known to send massive emails with lots of photos attached.
    Your Spain trip sounds amaizing. Nice pics of the fields of flowers.

  • cybette

    I use the OBEX File Transfer service under My Bluetooth Places on my Thinkpad. It allows me to access the folders on my phone like in explorer, and I can copy files to and from the phone.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I never had “My Bluetooth Places” on my ThinkPad


  • geekonimus

    if your phone can see the laptop over bluetooth, and vice versa, thats all you need.

    then simply mark all the ones you want to send in Gallery, and send via bluetooth.

    a media card reader is a good option, if you save pics to the media card (my preferred option).

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I tried that, I get “send failed” messages. I’m thinking it has to do with what cybette said, maybe my bluetooth stack doesn’t support OBEX.

  • Alessandro

    Ciao Stephan,

    install Nokia PC Suite, it’s stable and it integrates with the Nokia Video Manager and the Software Update.
    Plus, you can back up your phone which is always good


  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Antony: That is exactly what I did to fix my problem. Thank you for helping however!

    Cybette: Downloading that right now.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Cybette: That driver is perfect! Thank you!

  • Steve Litchfield

    Yep, PC Suite is fine these days. Don’t be shy of it!


  • Henrikki

    The mass storage mode does not include the Pc Suite in the processing in any way.

    It’s just a another mass storage for the computer. Much safer than the Bt.

    And the Pc Suite gets my vote also. Haven’t had any problems with it for two years.

    I noticed, it’s trendy to bash it though..

  • kappy

    PC Suite kinda rocks actually, if you have any of the N series phones with a great camera (N73, N93, N95) the “store images” app is a godsend. I love just clicking one button and storing all un-synced photos to their own folder labeled by date, freakin awesome. It’s also easier to teather after using “connect to the internet” and it makes syncing to outlook so nice and easy (automatic bluetooth sync as soon as the device comes in range rocks)!


  • Henrikki

    Kap wrote up aa good summary. Altouhg with N-series devices I use Lifeblog to all main syncing and storing of pictures/videos, sms etc.

  • Lewis McCullen

    It’s a breeze on the Mac as well, thanks to Nokia releasing the plugins I’m guessing. Regardless, I’ve got it syncing, tethering, and transferring at the click of a button. 🙂

  • Henrikki

    Yesterday PC Suite told me that there was an upgrade in the N95 SW at NSU. How cool and convenient is that!

  • Sangio

    i recently just bought a treo 700wx & i noticed you can only send pics over email. Is there any possible way you can send pics to another phone without having to email it?

    Also is it possible to sync pictures to my computer with the usb cable without having to have the storage card?
    please let me know! this is my first phone ever!!!

  • edrof

    Can my K530i clone be syncronized with my pc

  • Philda

    I have a photo in my phone and i want to send it my PC.Please help.

  • Angel

    how do i get bluetooth to work on my t429 phone. i activated it and it does not recognize any phone. nothing. have any suggestions? anyone?

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