• blueroompro

    it works well. ive been using grand central with my myfaves and all the calls incoming are going to my myfaves minutes. i have a 700 plan and this past month ive only used about 200 of them and about 4,500 myfave minutes.

  • nathan

    does this work in the uk free incoming call s

  • Mr-G

    Nathan, you don’t have to pay for incoming calls in the UK, on ANY network… :mrgreen:

  • Al

    I have tried as described above but my inbound calls from GC are not coming in as myfav. Does it still work or has it been suspended?

  • digitalnomad

    I would like to know as well.

  • Zack

    Hi all,

    thank you for the great tip, although i would appreciate it if someone can invite me to get my grand central account…. my e-mail is za3fran@gmail.com

    God Bless

  • Tori

    haven’t tried it yet but, ringbranch.com offers a service where your outbound calls can also be made free if you have the faves option.

    You put the ringbranch number as a fave. Then dial out to the ringbranch number and it has a personal auto-attendant that lets you go through a list of your contacts.

    So, theoretically, incoming calls (thru grandcentral) and outgoing calls (thru ringbranch) can be made free!

    I don’t have t-mobile yet but I’m planning to switch now that I know.
    I wonder how long before they find some way to crackdown on this “hack”

  • Raeyne

    If you have a data plan, then outgoing calls are free, too. Go to m.grandcentral.com, login, select the number you want (or create a new contact), and click. It calls you from GC and then dials out, free of charge.

  • marri

    mobile caling incoming out coilg calls

  • Mustafa Owaynat

    Do you have a plan with free incoming calls like US Cellular or not???? please let me know Thanks

  • sazan

    free free get number mobile

  • Chalis

    Does Tmobile offer any Incomming plan such as Sprint offered. As a Contractor I have to attand Vendor/Client Incomming calls at the time of Job hunting process. It would be graeat, if Tmobile have such kind of plan in place. Let me know if it have any.

  • Fez Bluwerke

    This sounds very good, and I would like to try it. I visited GrandCentral but it says that I have to either be invited by GrandCentral or a GrandCentral user to be able to sign-up to use their service. If it is not a hassle for anyone, I would like for someone to invite. Will someone who is a user at GrandCentral please invite me so that I can sign-up. I would be appreciative and much thankful. Thanks in advance!
    Very truly yours,

  • eric

    How do I get an invite to GC? This could be very useful..if anyone has info on how to sign-up, please let me know.. Thanks, Eric

  • eleanortaylor

    u should get free calls and messages on t moblie

  • reese

    i talked to tmobile this morning about getting a phone, and i told them i use google voice, and the lady was trying to get me to ditch it. i guess they know about people using their google voice number in their myfave and making free calls with it..but i dont care, i mean, how are they gonna know its a google voice number im calling from? the number is like any other telephone number.

  • Richard M Willis

    Errr. Get Free *INCOMING* calls on t-mobile ?

    I know t-mobile is crap, but you’re saying that ordinarily you have to PAY to receive incoming calls ?! I can’t imagine even t-mobile stooping that low.

  • Ramansandhu2009

    low cost of t-mobile

  • Joe

    Are you mad man?

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