Get FREE Incoming Calls on T-mobile!!

tmobile my faves and grandcentral gives you free incoming callsT-mobile already offers some cheap wireless plans and data rates, but if you want a decent amount of monthly anytime minutes and an unlimited data plan, you’re going to be ponying up around a C-note every month. Even if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you can still save money by downgrading your plan and adding the T-mobile myFaves feature. You see, myFaves allows you to choose 5 numbers in your “My Fave 5,” for unlimited nationwide calling. Any call you get from a number in your myFaves group, will not be charged against your wireless minutes.

And that, my friends is the secret to free incoming calls. You see, there’s this great service called GrandCentral that allows you to create a GC number that will forward all calls to any phone number you choose.

T-mobile “myFaves” + GrandCentral = FREE incoming calls!

  • Subscribe to T-mobile myFaves (the “My Fave 5” plan)
  • Get a GrandCentral number
  • Set your GC number to forward to your T-mobile number
  • Add your GC number as part of your myFaves group
  • Have everyone you know call you on your GrandCentral phone number
  • Enjoy FREE incoming calls and a lower wireless bill!

via: consumerist

  • blueroompro

    it works well. ive been using grand central with my myfaves and all the calls incoming are going to my myfaves minutes. i have a 700 plan and this past month ive only used about 200 of them and about 4,500 myfave minutes.

  • nathan

    does this work in the uk free incoming call s

  • Mr-G

    Nathan, you don’t have to pay for incoming calls in the UK, on ANY network… :mrgreen:

  • Al

    I have tried as described above but my inbound calls from GC are not coming in as myfav. Does it still work or has it been suspended?

  • digitalnomad

    I would like to know as well.

  • Zack

    Hi all,

    thank you for the great tip, although i would appreciate it if someone can invite me to get my grand central account…. my e-mail is

    God Bless

  • Tori

    haven’t tried it yet but, offers a service where your outbound calls can also be made free if you have the faves option.

    You put the ringbranch number as a fave. Then dial out to the ringbranch number and it has a personal auto-attendant that lets you go through a list of your contacts.

    So, theoretically, incoming calls (thru grandcentral) and outgoing calls (thru ringbranch) can be made free!

    I don’t have t-mobile yet but I’m planning to switch now that I know.
    I wonder how long before they find some way to crackdown on this “hack”

  • Raeyne

    If you have a data plan, then outgoing calls are free, too. Go to, login, select the number you want (or create a new contact), and click. It calls you from GC and then dials out, free of charge.

  • marri

    mobile caling incoming out coilg calls

  • Mustafa Owaynat

    Do you have a plan with free incoming calls like US Cellular or not???? please let me know Thanks

  • sazan

    free free get number mobile

  • Chalis

    Does Tmobile offer any Incomming plan such as Sprint offered. As a Contractor I have to attand Vendor/Client Incomming calls at the time of Job hunting process. It would be graeat, if Tmobile have such kind of plan in place. Let me know if it have any.

  • Fez Bluwerke

    This sounds very good, and I would like to try it. I visited GrandCentral but it says that I have to either be invited by GrandCentral or a GrandCentral user to be able to sign-up to use their service. If it is not a hassle for anyone, I would like for someone to invite. Will someone who is a user at GrandCentral please invite me so that I can sign-up. I would be appreciative and much thankful. Thanks in advance!
    Very truly yours,

  • eric

    How do I get an invite to GC? This could be very useful..if anyone has info on how to sign-up, please let me know.. Thanks, Eric

  • eleanortaylor

    u should get free calls and messages on t moblie

  • reese

    i talked to tmobile this morning about getting a phone, and i told them i use google voice, and the lady was trying to get me to ditch it. i guess they know about people using their google voice number in their myfave and making free calls with it..but i dont care, i mean, how are they gonna know its a google voice number im calling from? the number is like any other telephone number.

  • Richard M Willis

    Errr. Get Free *INCOMING* calls on t-mobile ?

    I know t-mobile is crap, but you’re saying that ordinarily you have to PAY to receive incoming calls ?! I can’t imagine even t-mobile stooping that low.

  • Ramansandhu2009

    low cost of t-mobile

  • Joe

    Are you mad man?

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