Nokia launches 6682RVI: Cell phone for blind people

Cellular News:

Canada’s Rogers Wireless has announced the launch of a specially modified Nokia handset which is aimed at customers with vision loss. The Nokia 6682RVI, equipped with Nuance TALKS software from Nuance Communications essentially turns the Nokia 6682RVI handset into a "talking phone" by converting menus, instructions and content displayed on the screen into audio output through its internal speaker, or an optional wired or Bluetooth headset.

All I have to say is good job Nokia for creating a product that helps people overcome a disability.

  • Braydee Wile

    I was wondering how much this phone is and if it has even came out yet. My cousin has been blind since birth and he needs a cell phone like this.

  • Jeff Hines

    I am interested in the RVI technology for my dad, is the software compatible with other Nokia phones? And do you know if any of the US carriers will offer the phone?

  • rajeev garg

    dear sir,
    we are lokin out for thuis products nokia 6682 for india , kindly contact us on our email or call us thank you

  • steve york

    At some particular juncture in your lives, in the big business world, you need to stop milking handicapped people and be more realistic and more helpful to those of us who are blind. $400????get a life.
    S York

  • napko

    only the rich can afford in countries like india

  • Ahmrd_john

    i will love to get the picture and prizes of the phones for the blind you have. you  can send them to

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