Verizon’s iPhone Killer on the way – Verizon Fights Back!

Verizon planning to fight AT&T and their Apple iPhone this summer with a secret iPhone killer competitorVerizon, like a vengeful rival, is planning to fight AT&T’s Apple iPhone release with their very own iPhone killer. Late this summer, as if trying to make up for the fact they turned down Steve Jobs and Apple as the first choice for iPhone exclusivity (they apparently didn’t like Apple’s demands for control of distribution, pricing, marketing, and more), Verizon is going to release their own “gotta-have-it” phone.

Verizon Wireless VP, Jim Grace, says that, “We said no [to the iPhone offer]. We have nothing bad to say about the Apple iPhone. We just couldn’t reach a deal that was mutually beneficial.” Grace says that Verizon has no regrets about turning down the iPhone, but “Time will tell” if they made the right decision. Denny Stigl, Verizon COO, hints that Verizon has the upper hand here, due to the iPhone being locked into Cingular’s inferior network for five years, adding, “The issue is not the Apple-ness of the iPhone itself, but with the cellular network that it is running on…That will be the true test of the iPhone: What will the iPhone experience be?”

Stigl told USA Today that the wireless operator doesn’t plan to sit back and watch the iPhone hype take over the industry – confirming that Verizon is working with a manufacturer to get an iPhone competitor to market soon. Stigl asserts that, “We do have a very good response in the mill,” and that, “You’ll see that from us in the late summer.”

We’re going to have a good time watching these two giants (AT&T and Verizon) battle it out over the summer!

via: usatoday

  • Mark

    When you can’t compete, trying sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt, aka, FUD, into the minds of consumers. “Inferior network” or “What will the iPhone experience be?” You can find out now, Mr. Sitgl.

    You are losing customers to AT&T every day and you’re playing catch up now. In my line of work, I’d be fired for such a goof.

  • Will Park

    Yea, but when big corporations goof, they call it a “strategy”

  • verizon customer

    Ifind this subject rediculous. There is no war needed over a cool looking and awsome item that apple has offerd you. You need to call up apple, tell them you reconsidered the offer, and would like to accept it. You guys are letting at&t trample all over you guys. Yhats disgracefull. At&t vare living it up and rolling in the benjermens and making the profit that was supposed to be yours!Im ashamed. Of all networks I thought you guys would be making all of the money but you really proved me rong!!! If you would orf held your end of the bargin and made a deal I would be more than happy to spread the good news to have everyone buy an iphone. I take it back, verizons a horrible netork! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  • verizon customer

    I find this subject rediculous. There is no war needed over a phone that apple has offerd you. You need to call up apple, tell them you reconsidered the offer, and would like to accept it. You guys are letting at&t trample all over you guys. hats disgraceful. At&t are living it up and rolling in the benjamens and making the profit that was supposed to be yours!Im ashamed. Of all networks I thought you guys would be making all of the money but you really proved me rong!!! If you would of held your end of the bargin and made a deal I would be more than happy to spread the good news to have everyone buy an iphone. I take it back, verizons a horrible netork! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  • Still Waiting

    We are still waiting on the iphone killer from Verizon……Only a few days left until the official start of Autumn.

    Verizon blew it, their greed was just too much for them. If AT&T will continue to enhance their network people will leave Verizon in droves because of the way they have treated their customers in the past. Not that AT&T is not the most customer friendly company to deal with just that Verizon is one of the worst and certainly the worst of the large firms. Crippling bluetooth, charging for every little service, etc.

  • teknikool

    Verizon! You idiots! I am currently a customer and slave to their choices. I am not a completely unhappy customer. Every month that I look at my bill and realize that I am basically paying them what I am paying for a car payment every month, it distresses me that you guys are not listening to simple requests. I had better customer service from Nextel!

    So what’s this amazing ‘comeback’ that you have planned? Your iPhone killer. Is it going to be as magnificent as the supposed iPod killer: the Zune?

    Verizon has the market especially in the Eastern United States, currently; where we have poor reception (in some cases) from most every other carrier. Our CDMA and EVDO devices reign supreme, currently. I am not sure how Sprint compares to Verizon in their data network, but I do know people who are happy with Sprint.

    I currently use Verizon’s XV6700, which we all know is NOT UTStarcomm or Audiovox, but rather HTC. I applaud Sprint for getting their customers the HTC Mogul, which will be the XV6800, when Verizon get’s done branding and locking it for their customers.

    Oh yeah, Verizon: Thank you so much for locking capabilities on my phone that were supposed to be able to be used, like tethering. And even IF I could tether, thanks for the hefty fee BEYOND the car payment that I could be making but I am giving to you.

    Maybe we should be yelling at Apple and not Verizon, AT&T or any other carrier. For creating a device that is only usable on one network. Yeah, thanks for complicating my life in order for everybody else to wrap their lives and their paychecks around your scheme. If you want a dollar from me, please come up and ask.

    Who ever thought that Verizon was smart enough to get the iPhone wasn’t thinking. Think of it this way. Verizon COULD’VE taken the market. Verizon customers are generally higher bracket society and businesses who can afford to get something like that. But for some reason, they weren’t thinking. (allow for applause) (nope, you didn’t get any)

    Oh, let’s also thank Apple. For giving us the iPod Touch. This is the ONE product that you can redeem yourselves with. Imagine, you can store your contacts on your phone. Let’s say that you did have a Verizon phone. Or T-Mobile, or any other carrier, with a normal cellphone. With bluetooth. Well IF Apple allowed bluetooth to work on this device, people could store their plethora of contacts and have this device as a glorified caller ID / contact manager / PIM. I could see people dumping their Windows Mobile devices. Why would they? Because current PDAs & other WM devices don’t have enough internal memory.

    I hope somebody does something right for one time!

  • I don’t worship in the church of Jobs


    Wee hoo! Good for Verizon! I HATE the evil empire of Steve Jobs and applaud anyone that takes him head on. I can’t wait to dance on Apple’s grave!

  • Bob

    How can you call a company that is actually innovative and making user friendly products evil? The only complaints that I have are that all of their products are over-priced (including the iPhone) and that the iPhone only works on one network (not necessarily Apples fault. Verizon blew that one big time!)

    By the tone of your post, I’m guessing you are a devout Microsoft user and will go to your grave touting how Microsoft’s products are superior to Apple’s in every way. Well let me tell you that Microsoft’s business practices are much worse than Apple’s and personally I don’t care too much for their products either. I only use them because I have to for work.

    I work in IT and have for several years now. Our company is a multi-billion dollar organization with 6000+ employee that up until recently has relied solely on Microsoft products and PCs. That’s all about to change. We’re switching all servers to Apple’s Xserve and Xserve RAIDs due to their extreme dependability. We’re even switching out our desktop systems from Gateways to Apple’s Mac Minis. Their operating system is by far a better system than Windows, in terms of reliability and usability, and with the Unix backend it’s much more powerful than Windows.

    Don’t get me wrong. Microsoft still has a few products that we will need to run on some servers, and I’m definately not a devout “Apple is everything” kinda guy. However Apple has been doing things right over the past few years where Microsoft has failed miserably in keeping up.

    I guess what I’m trying to say in this not so short message is don’t fault Apple for making good products and doing well. If you don’t like their products, don’t buy them – it just means one less person in line in front of me for an iPhone.

    Oh and to use your post (with a small twist):

    “Wee hoo! Good for Apple! I dislike (HATE is such a strong word) Verizon and applaud anyone that takes them head on. I can’t wait to dance on Verizon’s grave!”

  • Will Park

    Great to hear that your entire company is switching to the Mac OS – definitely a good move. Microsoft has definitely failed to keep up with Apple, and they’re losing market share daily.

    I’ve personally been something of an Apple enthusiast and have convinced many friends to make the switch. I used to be a long-time Windows fanatic, but now I realize how much better a MacBook Pro is compared to any PC laptop out there. (and how sexy is the iMac?)

  • Henry

    ๐Ÿ‘ฟ I’m a proud Verizon Wireless customer and I’m and have been one for years. It seems that Verizon is always behind the power curb when it comes to new phones. They really need to step there game up I love the service but am starting to get a bit upset with the phone options. I WANT A IPHONE !!!!!!!!! Or at least a competitive option to the Iphone.

  • Sam

    needs to have a low price tooo

  • brian

    Researching the IPHONE it would seem logical that you could unlock and use it wherever you wanted too, I mean it is your phone right? They say you can use it with other carriers I just haven’t seen anyone mention Verizon. Don’t know about you but I do want a IPHONE and I do want to get out of my Verizon contracts (4 total). Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t need any customer incentives to buy there products because they know they rock. And rock they will alway to the top. I might not have my Iphone today but I do have four 30 gb ipods, 3 computers, and lots of apple stock.

  • Mike

    You can’t use an unlocked iPhone on Verizon anyway. Its a GSM phone and Verizon is a CDMA network. They don’t play nice, or at all for that matter.

  • Tom

    Verison was realy stupid 2 not exapt the i phone offer. I was guna buy it the day it xame out tell i found out only at n t had it. This realy pissd me off cuz i cant swich nextworks but i gues im guna have 2 cuz the i phone is way better then eny of the phones verison has.

  • Bklynjames

    Hmmm, lets see… Verizon Nickel and dimes all their customers with crippled bluetooth. No out of network ringtones.. Inferior Data service that dosent work in Europe. What else is there, oh yes no iphone… Apple probably wanted them to upgrade their network also.. Sorry I have my iPhone and there is no other…

  • Angry dude

    VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!! What have you done! I am so angry I COULD SPIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family and I are leaving to switch to AT&T in May. I don’t feel bad or have any regrets about leaving this God forsaken network. One reason is, you fools don’t use any sim cards like a normal network! running off of Vcards how rediculous is that! you whimps are so dumb!!!! I mean you turn down Apple? how low do you guys get?!?! I’m sooooooo glad Im leaving that rat hole with no callers! I swear that to every pearson reading this, the only loosers at my school have verizon(ONLY 3)and the rest have AT&T! You had the chance of a liftime with an iphone!WHAT IS RONG WITH YOU! What a foolish network. What more can I say, Uh, SEE YA VERIZON AND HELLO AT&T HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • charlieeeeee

    Verizon!!!! Idiots…
    It does not matter now. You can not come up with a Competitor. The iphone rules, and any other phone that comes out after that, people will say: they are trying to make anโ€ iphone look alikeโ€ It a revolutionary change in the phone world, ever since the first phone was designed. Apple eliminated the word button from the phone features.

  • Christopher

    When I left TMobile because I was tired of their string-can phone system and went to Verizon, I thought I made the right choice. All-in-all, I’ve not been unhappy with Verizon’s service, coverage, fees. Although, I’m on a corporate plan, so the discount is rather significant.

    What I am dissappointed with is the fact that they had the opportunity to partner with Apple on the iPhone. I would have liked to purchased the iPhone, but it’s AT&T specific, and I’m sorry, AT&T is horrible, their customer service was/is horrible, they’re always rated lowest in service. I won’t patronize any company who does not put their customer’s first.

    So I’ll wait an see what Verizon has to offer as an iPhone look-alike, and go from there.

    Honestly, TMobile has one of the best customer service teams; however, their coverage was horrible, I was dropped at least twice a day. Never a problem with Verizon.

    Having said that, Verizon’s bluetooth technology is probably the worst out there. It’s absolutely horrible.

    So I take the good and bad and am sticking with Verizon in hopes that they figure improve the good and bad.

  • att customer

    i think att or verizon should buy each outher because they’re both good. if the iphone look alike from verizon looked better i would change to verizon and buy it but the iphone is better and looks better!!!!!!!!! change to att and leave verizon and see how good the iphone is!!!!!!!!!11

  • sako

    this phone is off the chain go verizon you rock ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜Ž b-)

  • sako

    i was so jellous when the i phone came out. But at&t suckes. the phone is so gangster of the chain it is like empier strikes back lol right…………………………………… verizon is the best hee yaa,. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜ˆ โžก ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ™

  • at&t cusomer

    we are running out of bussnis everyone is changing to that new phne ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • NotPC

    My company’s contract with Verizon runs out in May 2008. We need at least 5 PDAs to go with our 6-8 regular phones. I’m unimpressed with Blackberries and their other offerings. I will have to go to AT&T to get the iPhones. It will costs us more upfront but productivity will be enhanced.

  • MJ

    Well, it’all just s a damn phone.
    Why focus so much on these TOYS?!?

    They change faster than lightning.

    Who the heck do you all call, anyway??

  • Janet Blundersmith

    verizon rocks because the service is very reliable. i mean other services just drop calls and i really can realy on them! i am definatley staying with verizon…and any loser who goes to at&t is ridiculous! yeah i just said that…verizon does need to step up there phone designs tho. they need something competitive towards the iphone. but i love verizon!!! so reliable! :mrgreen:

  • Chad

    I have had good service with verizon, and I recognize that I pay 25% more to avoid 3 or 4 dropped calls a month. I have a good phone that cannot live up to its potential because verizon has a more expensive alternative for every creative and intelligent capability the phone would have had if the software hadn’t dumbed it down. Any body who likes gadgets will enjoy getting the most out of gadgets, and therefore CANNOT be satisfied with verizon software blocking (men). Those who don’t want to understand their phone, but just want it to work, will LOVE verizon (women). Unfortunately iphone has software blocks too, and it is new software abilities that may overcome this. For now, nobody is completely catering, but iphone is by far the closest.

  • Alex

    Hey Guys sorry i am actually going to cancel my verizon contract and go with at&t when the new i phone comes out.

  • Craig

    The wife and I dropped Sprint and Verizon and went to ATT for the 3G iphone.

    The new VZ “iphone killer” looks nice..but it’s still not the iphone.

  • robbie

    i hope that verizon would get the iphone and not let at&t beat them. but one phone has beatin the iphone and its the lg dare. the dare is so much better that the iphone. But if verizon got the iphone it proboly be the best phone i dont know. but verizon should get the iphone

  • Larry Boswell

    I used to be at&t customer for long distance , I did every thing at&T. they charged 20 plus dollas for 2.50 call. No big deal I will call and correct problem. I tried and tried but every month I would would get the big bill for little call. AT&T showed me they are not customer frendly. I tried so hard all I did was get pissed off and wreck my day. And I tried For months so all I can say is F_ _ _ K at&t or AT&T. I told two people.I go out of my way not to do anything with at&t and I don’t use there yellow book they are just as bad. I DO EVERY THING VERIZON WHEN I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY BILL OR ANY OTHER PROBLEM I CALL *611 AND EVERY TIME EVEN WHEN MY PHONE BREAKS THEY ARE THERE. BUT I WANT AN I-PHONE I AM IMPRESSED WITH STEVE JOBS I DON’T THINK HE KNOWS THE SHIT HEADS HE IS DEALING WITH , SO I AM HOPING SOMEONE TELLS HIM .

  • mark

    Its all about money. Verizon cant make enough money for them selves so they dont want it. I often wondered how much money is enough? They charge extra for texting but it doesnt cost them anything yet another way to gouge. The bottom line is its not about taking care of its customers but how to make millions and billions of dollars and you will take what I offer you and you will like it.

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