Nokia N74 concept

Nokia N74Remember the Nokia 8900 concept created by Tobias Hornof? Well the same guy is on the road again. This time he’s bringing us his vision of the Nokia N74 phone.

As you can see from the image, the N74 should have simple, futuristic lines. The emphasis is on the large, possibly OLED, screen. Tobias also suggests that this kind of device simply can’t use the LED for flash. There’s Xenon light that produces more light, thus making better photos in the dark. Plus this device should also pack the HSDPA radio, more memory and the new platform.

Tobias drop a touchscreen in your wishlist. We want to physicaly move the photos around this large screen. (via: mobile-review) 🙂

  • muT_Hh

    wow..ur design very very uniQue,,how much is that? 😆

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