Opera Mini 4 Beta Review (Verdict: Mobile application of the year)

It is finally here, I’m not teasing you, the beta of Opera Mini 4 (Dimension) is available right now! Congratulations to the Opera Team, I love your little iPhone ad parody.

Point your browser to http://mini.opera.com:


Opera couldn’t detect my Nokia E61i, but I know I have enough horsepower under this stainless steel body that I selected the high memory version:


Depending on your phone you will be asked to confirm the download, hit yes as many times as necessary:


Check out the icon in the lower right hand corner. Opera has just unleashed Pandora’s box onto the mobile browsing world. Full review after the break, trust me, you’ll want to read it:


Opera Mini starts by asking you to test your network connection:


This process takes a while, about 20-30 seconds. You only have to do it once so don’t worry about it:


Once that is over you’re presented with a summary of all the new features and the EULA:


This is not a feature complete beta, which usually I would wave my finger at, but this browser more than makes up for it. What does the start page look like?


Nice and clean, in Opera Mini 3 you were able to select what search engine you could use, I hope they bring that back. This is what hitting the menu key brings up:


Not a lot under tools either:


Here are the setting you can actually configure:


What does intomobile.com look like on this thing? I’m glad you asked:


Just hit center button on whatever device you may have and it just zooms right inside that little box:


If you prefer the old school Opera Mini 3 style of a single column you can turn that on by just hitting 1 on your keypad, this menu pops up:


Click OK and this is what it now looks like:


Steve Jobs loves to show off The NY Times on the iPhone, here is how it looks like in Opera Mini:


While most phones don’t have the capability of being poked, you can always hit a button to zoom:


That concludes the copious amounts of screenshots portion of this review, what do I actually think about this browser? It needs to be installed on every single Java enabled device out there. The reason I now use a smartphone with a large screen is because Opera Mini 2.0 made browsing on my old busted up Nokia possible. Once you install this application you will want your next mobile phone to have a higher resolution screen than the one before it. Do you understand why I’m sick and tired of QVGA now?

Opera Mini uses a proxy server to compress the internet for you, this is the only reason I use it on a daily basis rather than the browser built into my S60 device.


Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, whatever phone you have is now insignificant. The full internet is in the palm of your hand thanks to Opera. For those of you without a dataplan you may not realize just how powerful it is to have the entire world in your hand. T-Mobile customers, just dial 611 and ask for T-Zones, it is less than $10/month and you get unlimited internet capabilities on your mobile. AT&T customers, dial 611 and ask for MediaNet which is $20/month last time I checked. International customers, if you are paying by the KB you have just found an application that is gold.

This is a beta and I’m going to treat it as such. Opera Mini 3.0 had themes (different colors), a very capable RSS reader and the ability to choose my search engine on the start page; I want those back. Performance is outstanding, the application definitely starts up faster than Opera Mini 3.0 ever did, the websites also render quicker.

I can’t emphasize this enough, stop living in the internet your operator lets you play in, just install this beta and enjoy the world wide web the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

  • Daniel

    😥 Won’t work on my N80ie. Browser error message of ‘Web: Unsupported content type’

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    use the services browser, not the S60 browser

  • PhatTrance

    Opera mini 4 is waaay better than the build in browser in s60 and the opera for s60… the only thing that i miss in opera mini 4 is a function to save passwords/logins and a way to cataloging the bookmarks in directories (dir) when you have 80+ bookmarks it takes a while to scroll every time when you want to visit a page

  • nave

    did they drop the fullscreen option coz i can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • Will

    @ nave
    are you talking about the Desktop Viewing option? You can switch to desktop view through the context menu.

  • Chase

    Usually, ** switches to fullscreen. That’s what I do.

  • Rádiókabaré

    This is the best java applet on mobilephone 😆

  • jnj333

    Works on the Nokia E90 but a little buggy,very impressive though, cannot wait for the Main Version.Anyone know when the main version is to be released?

  • Marvel

    greaaat!!!! I like it….thanx to Opera n to you…. 😆

  • pyry

    This is very fast browser but can you zoom images out? Like you can in s60 browser. It’s annoying when you try to read a web page and there is pictures they fill the hole screen. This is why I’m still using the very slow nokia browser.
    Hope the password saving function will be in the final version…

  • GeeBee

    Works great on a Nokia N95……best internet performance on a phone yet!

    Get it, Try it…..You’ll love it!


  • farzad nasiri


  • Raja

    How to change the Yahoo search engine (to Google) from the start page??


  • Raja

    What is the application “SCREENSHOT” which can be seen in the Applications screenshot.

  • novand

    opera mini’s very good..i just like it..keep kunt…

  • saranng

    it cost me a whole lot to use

  • uday

    my name is uday i am an airtel user since from 2 years i have activated all the internet settings airtel online aswell as mobile office my mobile is 6300 older version i cannot browse full html is not possible in my mobile my mobile is having wap gprs edge enabled but i dont the problem whether in the opera or in airtel please suggest my query

  • Lea Cuevas

    it doesnt work on my samsung memoir

  • WoollyJon

    I Installed on my HTC Touch – Totally awesome blows the bundled MS Iexplorer out of the water. One problem though, when i restart the browser it’s lost all of the username and passwords that i’ve entered (e,g for twitter) so i have to re-enter them.Is there a way to make it store them like IE does?

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