Video: Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95; Episode 2

Ricky and I had wayyy too much time over the weekend. Stay tuned for 4 more videos, one being released every day at 18:00 CST (GMT – 6:00) until Friday the 29th.

In this skit we tackle the iPhone’s horrible camera, 2 megapixel, no autofocus, no flash:

  • Darla

    ROFLMAO!!! Are you sure you’re a camera? Lol the finger waving was the tops!!!

  • ozair

    lolz nice
    lets see where we are, shot i don;t internet signals here 😉

  • alberto


    nice 🙂

    go nokia n95!

  • Alessandro


    a camera that shoots videos too!!
    This is so funny!!


  • Thomson

    😛 Nice Go Nokia N95 Go 😎

  • Dimilaz

    Awesome arguments! Nokia Rocks!

  • Eric

    hahaha u guys r awesome!

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