11 things iPhone is missing

Browsing through all the initial iPhone reviews, I’ve come up with eleven things Apple’s handset is missing. Not that the iPhone provide users with the bad experience — it’s just that the following items are something that I’ve expected to see implemented on Apple’s handset. Let’s start:Apple iPhone

  1. iPhone doesn’t support Cut/Copy/Paste. It’s like typing on a touchscreen isn’t hard enough, once I typed something I can not copy/paste it?
  2. Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) is not supported. Most people wouldn’t notice this as they will end up with Apple’s stylish yet mono-sound Bluetooth headset.
  3. MP3 files can’t be used as a ringtone. Even feature phones can do this…
  4. Adobe Flash is not supported in Safari. This was almost expected, as only very few of the latest Nokia smartphones (N95, E90) actually support Flash Lite 2.1 2.0 in their Safari-based browser.
  5. Can’t record video – Camera is just for photo taking?
  6. No MMS – You can email your photo if you want, but not send it via MMS? This will certainly be fixed for the European launch, where users are more into MMS.
  7. No removable battery. Just like an iPod…
  8. No edit of Word and Excel documents – you can only view them.
  9. Direct iTunes access. There’s a WiFi and you can’t connect directly to the iTunes?
  10. Instant Messaging. You’ll end up using the web-based IM solution like meebo. Hopefully, they will optimize it for iPhone.
  11. Games. I’m not much into gaming myself, but the iPhone doesn’t have a single game preinstalled. Why?

The good thing about it is that Apple will most probably be rolling out periodic updates — meaning most of the mentioned things could be fixed. Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

[Via: Engadget]

  • t3styler

    It’s also missing 3g capability and a dedent amount of megapixels. 2mp in 2007 without a flash? crappy

    pure poser phone

  • Alessandro


    the N95, E90 have Flash Lite 2 not 2.1! πŸ™‚
    I am not surprised about the missing capabilities, more revenue for Apple, right? They did not want to pay licensing fees for Flash or for 3G chip!!


  • Rob

    As for #8, I suspect that’s because there are many online word processors that work fine.

  • dusanb

    Thanks Alessandro for the heads up. I’ve missed that one.

  • Will Park

    If you want to get all “Conspiracy Theory” about it – Apple could have purposely left out features to entice customers into buying the iPhone 2.0 (that would be very Apple of them) πŸ˜‰

    On the flip side, updates will fix most missing features. And as Apple’s first foray into the mobile world, I think it prudent that they decided not to tackle GPS or 3G quite yet.

  • Dave

    Considering you haven’t had a chance to use Apple’s virtual keyboard on the iPhone (and those who have say it’s a non-issue) I’m not sure what you mean by “typing on a touchscreen isnÒ€ℒt hard enough.”

    I just want to point out that you never saw a keyboard once anywhere in Star Wars or Star Trek. I guess you must have been the guy in the back of the theater saying “What, no keyboard in the future?? That sucks. How do they type anything?”

  • dusanb

    You’re right about it. But I’ve had a chance to try all kinds of touchscreen based keyboards, and no one can match the good ol’ physical keyboard. I’ve also had a chance to try that laser, as well as the fabric keyboard — all of them suck! The feedback is soooo necessary.

    On the other hand – you haven’t tried and you’re defending it. I’m just writing from my personal experience with touchscreen keyboards.

    Regarding the Star Trek and Star Wars — that’s why it’s called the science FICTION! πŸ™‚

  • Will Park

    HAHA, you guys are referencing Star Wars and Star Trek as a basis for a serious argument. I just find that a little funny πŸ˜†

    But I am a bit of a Trekkie myself, so I’ll stop laughing now 😎

  • tensility

    After one evening of emailing, blogging, and web surfing, the absence of copy/paste is my major (number 1, as indicated above) complaint. For all of its issues, this is one thing that Windows Mobile does fairly elegantly with a touch interface (okay, other than the typical Microsoft Word-esque problem of snapping select region to boundaries other than where you are pointing to).

  • Michelle

    I too was one of those people; highly anticipating the launch of the new iphone. Thanks to one of my friends (Cingular), I knew about the iphone over a year before the gossip/rumor sites did. I had already purchased a Treo 600 and had upgraded SEVERAL times until I finally upgraded to what I believe to be the MOTHER of all PDA phones on the market. I have had this phone since March of 06′ and never experienced ANY problems with it………..until the battery finally gave out. This phone ACTUALLY DOES everything that everyone wishes the iphone did. This phone works and acts just like a mini-pc; but without all of the problems that you normally have with your computer. Additionally, this phone is already GPS enabled and works freakishly well. This phone is the HP IPAQ 6515. Sadly enough, I will still purchase the iphone once it comes out with a version that has even a fraction of my current phones capabilities just because I am such a fan of Apple products and want a “matching set”. πŸ˜€ In the mean time, I will enjoy the fact that I have a pretty solid device that has all of the bells & whistles that everyone wants in their iphone.

  • Cj

    The volume qualtiy when playing music is terrible. The phone needs to be alot louder. As loud or louder than the T-Mobile dash

  • mark palmos


    1/ iphone cannot be used as a modem

    2/ you cannod drag and drop folders with music to the ipod, so you have to use the proprietory cable and itunes which is awful compared to iriver or cowon or meizu etc which allow you to drag and drop a folder with images, text, music etc directly to the mp3 player and you can browse to that folder to read text reviews, biogs about the artist, look at all the album art full screen while listening.

    3/ cannot view offline html pages that you copy to the iphone, for example Allmusic.com biog pages of an artist which you would save to the same mp3 folder in your music library.

    4/ it still comes with the worst earphones in music, ones which emit more noise out the back than the front it seems, simply the worst!

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