Nokia working on 8GB version of N95!

Nokia N95 8GB music editionWe found an xml file on Nokia’s website that gives us reason to believe that Nokia is working on an 8GB version of their N95. Billed as an Apple iPhone competitor, an 8GB Nokia N95 could go head to head with the highly attractive 8GB iPhone. So, just take your 8GB N95 and attach it to a portable screen, and voila, you have an iPhone “killer.”

This 8GB version could be the music-edition of the N95, which would fit in perfectly with past branding conventions from Nokia. We think the music-edition could sport an all-black facade to differentiate it from the regular, run-of-the-mill N95. Because, you know, the normal N95 will be soo last month, once the 8GB N95 drops.

Nokia N95 8GB xml file


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