Nokia working on 8GB version of N95!

Nokia N95 8GB music editionWe found an xml file on Nokia’s website that gives us reason to believe that Nokia is working on an 8GB version of their N95. Billed as an Apple iPhone competitor, an 8GB Nokia N95 could go head to head with the highly attractive 8GB iPhone. So, just take your 8GB N95 and attach it to a portable screen, and voila, you have an iPhone “killer.”

This 8GB version could be the music-edition of the N95, which would fit in perfectly with past branding conventions from Nokia. We think the music-edition could sport an all-black facade to differentiate it from the regular, run-of-the-mill N95. Because, you know, the normal N95 will be soo last month, once the 8GB N95 drops.

Nokia N95 8GB xml file


  • William

    Trying to compete with iPhone 🙂

  • t3styler

    Yeah but 3UK still won’t have this phone, probably prefering the latest mid range shite.

    The n95 sounds like a wonderful prospect though, and almost perfect phone IMO

  • eQuiNNxoiz

    i had an n73 ME,and now i have an n91 8gb…and i just kan wait the n95 ME because i think that is the best…it will kill iphone

  • Rex

    heh, if u ask me the N95 is already an iPhone killer 😈
    I made the mistake of rushing to buy an N73 the moment it was released-only to find em launch a music edition with 2GB memory card at the same price.
    I was waiting JUST for something like this. Now if only they also increase the battery life, i’ll probably switch again!

  • AMB

    This picture if a fake! The Nokia N95 8GB is real but it has a smaller keypad on the front bottom and this one is just the Nokia N95 spry painted black to try to fool people into thinking that the Nokia N95 8GB is already hands on. Have fun!!!

  • vedant

    when is the nokia n95 8 gb launching

  • over_drive

    damn man… i just got the N95 and now they came up with a better version? this sucks i don’t have the money to switch to the new version!!!
    However, i love the idea of a larger battery life cuz this one sucks, it doesn’t even last a day


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  • Noel Sarmiento Roberts

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  • David

    Do you know if / when this will be released on virgin mobile?

  • KAT

    Oh!C’mon. . Som1 tell me which one is gud, n95 0r n95
    8Gb? How to knw which one is real?

  • pHeN0meN

    n95 8gb is much better because the software is workin’ more faster than n95 and i like it verry much…and it’s the memory that i like verry much….so trust me

  • wahab

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