Chinese Nokia N95 clone with a laser pointer

Nokia N95 clone160 bucks may not get you the Nokia N95, but the latest in N95 clone series is available for exactly that amount. Don’t expect half of the N95′s features, rather Chinese (who else) have packed 2 MP camera, 3″ QVGA touchscreen, Bluetooth, FM radio and microSD card into this blatant rip-off. Plus, there’s a laser pointer – something that even Nokia’s all-in-one device lacks (not that it actually needs it). Furthermore, unlike the original N95, this “version” doesn’t sports Nokia’s dual-slider mechanism and is thus quite larger — it measures 118x58x18.6 mm while weighing 108 grams.

Please note that we DON’T want to encourage you to buy a rip-off device – we support handset manufacturers in their efforts to protect their respective brands. The reason we write about clone devices from time to time, is to warn you NOT to go this way. After all, it’s hard to imagine such clone device coming even close to the real brand device in terms of quality and reliability.

[Via: uberphones]

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