HTC pushes back Windows Mobile 6.0 updates for European lineup

Where the heck are our Windows Mobile 6.0 upgrades for our HTC handsets! HTC promised us incremental upgrades to the upper-end of their European lineup (HTC branded handsets) back in mid-April – and we’re all still anxiously awaiting the new-phone feeling that the WinMo6.0 ROMS are likely to give. According to an XDA Developers forum user, the upgrades have been pushed back to sometime in Fall of this year. A personal email outlines “expected” plans to release the HTC S620 ROM sometime in September.

Come on, HTC, you told us to expect the first ROM to be available for the S620 by June! What’s with this Fall release window? HTC loyalists have been up in arms over the company’s failure to deliver their WM6 upgardes on-time. The company’s excuse? The June rollout was referring to the release of the information regarding the upgrade – not the actual upgrade itself. Good one guys, you sure saved face on that one!

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

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