Will It Blend: Apple iPhone in a blender – the horror!

No, don’t do it, man. Step away from the blender. Put the iPhone down, and slowly back awa….NOOO!

We guess it was inevitable. Tom Dickson, from the prolific “Will It Blend” series on YouTube, has put the iPhone to the test. Now, we know the iPhone is one tough cookie, it survived repeated drops on concrete from head-height. But a blender set on “smoothie” mode?

If you can bear to watch the video, it’s actually quite amusing. The slow-mo replay shows the iPhone actually standing up to the blender blades for a few initial moments – after that, it’s iPhone smoothie time.

Are we hearing things, or does someone yell “noooo” in the background?

Thanks, Andy M!

[Via: Newlaunches]

  • kayjay

    that is a total waste of an iPhone

    how rude

  • Will Park

    So sad, isn’t it. But I guess it might be worth it for this guy if it helps him sell a couple blenders or something.

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