iPhone 2 coming in September?

iPhone nano speculationFile this under “yet-another-iPhone-rumor”, but according to DigiTimes Taiwan’s Chinese-language Commercial Times says that Taiwan’s Wintek got the touchscreen orders from Apple. We know the new iPods are coming, but the report claims Wintek is NOT making screens for them, but for the next generation of the iPhone, which will hit the market somewhere in September and will be sold in a price range between $249 and $299.

Let the speculation begin! Is this the iPhone Nano (not likely according to JP Morgan) or the European version. The latter is hard to believe as we think the version for the users living on the other side of the pond will most probably feature the built-in 3G radio — after all most European smartphone users rely on fast 3G networks and going back to the EDGE is a big no-no (or at least that’s my take).

As always we’ll watch this iSpace carefully…

BTW: DigiTimes also reported that iPod’s touchscreen will be “less complicated” than the iPhone’s panel. We’ll see what that means till the end of this summer.

[Via: Engadget]

  • bob

    👿 👿 👿 i just bought a new 70 new iphones

  • Jonah

    It is the ipod touch, and it dont look like that

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