• jessica

    also i find des handy sooooOOOooo mega geil
    und i griags wahrscheinlich
    kumt aufn tarif drauf au

    aber i darads jeden empfeheln !!!!!

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • mike

    HAHAHAHAHA omg its like so damn cheap, even tho it has a larger screen

  • Darla

    Thats just sick. I hope Nokia does something about it. I can see many people on ebay getting scammed just by that damn i and l.

  • Tabong

    Ha hahahahahaha long live nokla i`ll buy one soon! :mrgreen:

  • Marsian

    You cannot sue the Nokla manufacturers because they are using the word nokla and not nokia,the design may be similar but once there is a diffrence even just a little they cannot sue nokla,coz nokla is a genuine brand name and not a fake product, if onkla uses nokia name well you may call them fake and sue them according the applicable laws…..

  • tim

    enter *#0000# on phone. Nokia software will reveal the trademark number. If fake, the number will be different. Same thing with real Nokia 8800 Sirocoo and fake Nokia 8801 with 8800 Sirocoo casing. Enter *#0000#. Real Nokia 8800 Sirocco will say Nokia Sirocco. Fake Sirocco (8801 in 8800 casing) will just say Sirocco 8800). Can’t lie.

  • michael

    i hoping that the manufacturer of nokla phones stop its illegal operation of producing fake nokia models and low quality mobile phones..because i myself has a nokla n95,and it just long for only five days..now its not functioning properly.i bought it from my neighbor..he fooled me by selling a fake nokla phones…for the people out there…BEWARE OF THE FAKE NOKIA MODELS LIKE THE NOKLA PHONES..BELIEVE ME ON THIS.. 👿 👿 👿

  • babak

    i didnt buy nokla but i bought baizhao 1000
    it hasnt bluetooth but has everything i need
    the style is very good and the sound is really better than my sep990
    but i dont know if it support java or not?
    do you have any idea?

  • Revocatus Paul Mwombeki

    I am living Tanzanian east africa,I would like to buy Nokla through direct from the industry b’se i had already bought from the mobile shop and I am very happy with model although duration of charged battery is short; but what i fear is how to get the payment proces while i am staying in remote areas? p’se assist me on this.

  • SE p1i user

    nokla is very diff from nokia. even a child can notice it. its your choice if u want to buy nokia or nokla again the spelling is not the same. it is a diff brand of phone.

  • Revocatus mqwombeki

    My NoKla phone,N76 was taken by thieve and there was my served documen,I HAVE THE SERIAL NUMBER SO CAN U ASSIST HOW TO BLOCK IT SINCE I HOPE IS THE GOOD MODEL.

  • shagar

    😛 this fone is sikkkk

  • Fahad

    nokia is best and nokLa is bad.
    but i have to buy nokla because nokia is too much
    tooo naa sahi tera khiyal hee sahi 🙂

  • teentech

    hi i want this phone this is great ,

  • not muc 2 say

    i can say des NOKLA is very bad..
    u noe y?
    coz u say it is cheap,but u have to face a lot of problems..
    it will waste ur mony..
    hi come on don waste ur mony to buy this fone..
    but if u relly2 wan to buy it,up to u..but u will face th problems..
    k thxz

  • Cacoethes

    Nokla has a better QA than Nokia

  • Prakash

    I have lost my Nokla N95 headphone. Can anyone tell where I order it online.

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