Nokla N76 is NOT the Nokia N76

Nokla N76 - fake Nokia N76

Watch out people! With ripoffs reaching this close to the real thing, it’s easy to get confused and buy a completely wrong phone. What I’m talking about is the recently spotted CECT-made CECTP168-8 phone which is also marked as Nokla N76 (that’s “L” instead of “I”). As you can see from the image above (and more images after the break), this device is very, very, very similar to the Nokia’s “beautiful computer” – N76. With external shiny screen, dedicated media player keys and even the S60-like UI – the design is almost identical, though I doubt the quality can come close to the original Nokia device.

In terms of specs there a 2.6″ touchscreen, 2 MP camera, media player, and microSD expansion slot. The Nokla N76 measures 108×51.5×18 mm and weighs 95 grams. Again, watch out – this is one device that I’m certain fooled many people so far. Nokia lawyers what are you waiting for?

Nokla N76 - pic 1

Nokla N76 - pic 2

Nokla N76 - pic 3

Nokla N76 - pic 4

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • jessica

    also i find des handy sooooOOOooo mega geil
    und i griags wahrscheinlich
    kumt aufn tarif drauf au

    aber i darads jeden empfeheln !!!!!

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  • mike

    HAHAHAHAHA omg its like so damn cheap, even tho it has a larger screen

  • Darla

    Thats just sick. I hope Nokia does something about it. I can see many people on ebay getting scammed just by that damn i and l.

  • Tabong

    Ha hahahahahaha long live nokla i`ll buy one soon! :mrgreen:

  • Marsian

    You cannot sue the Nokla manufacturers because they are using the word nokla and not nokia,the design may be similar but once there is a diffrence even just a little they cannot sue nokla,coz nokla is a genuine brand name and not a fake product, if onkla uses nokia name well you may call them fake and sue them according the applicable laws…..

  • tim

    enter *#0000# on phone. Nokia software will reveal the trademark number. If fake, the number will be different. Same thing with real Nokia 8800 Sirocoo and fake Nokia 8801 with 8800 Sirocoo casing. Enter *#0000#. Real Nokia 8800 Sirocco will say Nokia Sirocco. Fake Sirocco (8801 in 8800 casing) will just say Sirocco 8800). Can’t lie.

  • michael

    i hoping that the manufacturer of nokla phones stop its illegal operation of producing fake nokia models and low quality mobile phones..because i myself has a nokla n95,and it just long for only five its not functioning properly.i bought it from my neighbor..he fooled me by selling a fake nokla phones…for the people out there…BEWARE OF THE FAKE NOKIA MODELS LIKE THE NOKLA PHONES..BELIEVE ME ON THIS.. 👿 👿 👿

  • babak

    i didnt buy nokla but i bought baizhao 1000
    it hasnt bluetooth but has everything i need
    the style is very good and the sound is really better than my sep990
    but i dont know if it support java or not?
    do you have any idea?

  • Revocatus Paul Mwombeki

    I am living Tanzanian east africa,I would like to buy Nokla through direct from the industry b’se i had already bought from the mobile shop and I am very happy with model although duration of charged battery is short; but what i fear is how to get the payment proces while i am staying in remote areas? p’se assist me on this.

  • SE p1i user

    nokla is very diff from nokia. even a child can notice it. its your choice if u want to buy nokia or nokla again the spelling is not the same. it is a diff brand of phone.

  • Revocatus mqwombeki

    My NoKla phone,N76 was taken by thieve and there was my served documen,I HAVE THE SERIAL NUMBER SO CAN U ASSIST HOW TO BLOCK IT SINCE I HOPE IS THE GOOD MODEL.

  • shagar

    😛 this fone is sikkkk

  • Fahad

    nokia is best and nokLa is bad.
    but i have to buy nokla because nokia is too much
    tooo naa sahi tera khiyal hee sahi 🙂

  • teentech

    hi i want this phone this is great ,

  • not muc 2 say

    i can say des NOKLA is very bad..
    u noe y?
    coz u say it is cheap,but u have to face a lot of problems..
    it will waste ur mony..
    hi come on don waste ur mony to buy this fone..
    but if u relly2 wan to buy it,up to u..but u will face th problems..
    k thxz

  • Cacoethes

    Nokla has a better QA than Nokia

  • Prakash

    I have lost my Nokla N95 headphone. Can anyone tell where I order it online.

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