Stop paying for slow iPhone internet performance – get a phone-only iPhone plan for $40

iPhone data-freeCiting customer complaints about internet performance on AT&T somewhat pokey EDGE network, AT&T seems to be giving disgruntled users the option of a new data-free wireless calling plan for the Apple iPhone. Apparently, this last ditch option will be offered as a retention tactic, to keep subscribers from completely canceling their iPhone plans due to the lackluster web-surfing experience. The phone-only wireless calling plan should run AT&T customers about $40 per month – $20 cheaper than the minimum $60 iPhone calling plan.

The neutered iPhones will still be able to surf the web and check email through WiFi connections, and will still include 5,000 nights/weekends minutes with 450 anytime minutes. However, the 200 free SMS text messages and Visual Voicemail feature will be surrendered – SMS text messages will cost $0.25 a piece without an additional text messaging bundle.

A post over at Kludgeless claims to have successfully wrangled the $39.99 data-free iPhone calling plan from AT&T’s grasp. It’s as siple as 1-2-3:

  1. Call AT&T customer service
  2. Threaten to cancel your service due to crappy EDGE network performance. Ask to remove data features from your iPhone if they don’t offer you that option.
  3. Confirm what your data-free iPhone calling plan will cost – the $39.99 does not include any additional charges such as taxes and fees

[Via: Electronista]

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    piece of advice be very carefull when doing this and make sure to have the “EDGE”(internet) blocked because if not you will more then likely be set up on a pay per use and everytime you accidently access the internet you will get charged based on usage which depending on what you do can be very costly

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