Free application for Nokia smarpthones – MobiGenie

I don’t quite understand Nokia’s decisions to hide some of their apps from users. Actually, it’s not they’re hiding them — it’s that they don’t announce them through official channels…


One such recently spotted application is a handy utility called MobiGenie, which can work like an answering machine, and do such things as locating the caller, SMS auto-reply, and block certain callers. Basically, with MobiGenie you can manage voice mail on your side – without relying on the carrier’s service. It has been found on support pages for the Nokia E65 at the Nokia’s UAE site. Explain that?

[Via: All About Symbian]

  • bart

    I got it installed and working on E61.

    • Harrypotter

       I have it on nokia n95 8gb, but it works only with cell phone provider and not with my sip voip software and I use it only on wifi. I tested it so it will not work, all my calls come to my sip provider and they have not voicemail. Sad.

  • driri

    Sounds great.

    What I don’t understand is that some software is not published on the site for North America or Europe.

    For example, we use the Nokia E-Series in our company and we had some trouble, because on our Vodafone-branded phones they forgot the Acrobat Reader.
    I finally found one on the asian site of Nokia. No chance to download it from the european site.

  • localhost

    Have to try this one, but it installs and launches on my N95.

  • ghassan

    I try it, its a great application. i like it

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