Apple iPhone web-apps run on Nokia phones too!

Nokia N95 can run iPhone web appsIn an interesting twist of mobile phone irony, it seems that Nokia phones are able to run the iPhone-only web-apps that are designed to work only on the iPhone’s Safari browser. You see, the Nokia Series 60 browser uses the same base code as the Mobile Safari browser.

So, where’s the twist of irony? Well, it seems that iPhone web-apps will not only run on the iPhone, but on the arch-rival Nokia N95. Not to mention that the interoperability of these web-apps should spur even more iPhone web-apps based on previously developed Series 60 apps.  We think the fact that two blood-enemies like the iPhone and N95 can share such similar roots (cough…kinda like religion…cough).

Now, seeing as how our apps can play nice, can’t all iPhone and N95 users just get along?

Oh, and world peace would be nice.

[Via: The Inquirer]

  • JonnyBruha

    No, we can’t get along since S60v3 apps are REAL apps and won’t work on the iPhone. S60v3 apps are developed on a software level, whereas iPhone apps are available to use through any computer, thus not really being apps at all.

  • jayhuck

    Nokia N95 has nothing on the iPhone – comparing them is almost laughable – Sure, if I wanted to step back 3 years, and all I cared about was web apps then, sure, I’d get a Nokia – otherwise, move over while I grab the ONLY 21st century phone – the iPhone 🙂

  • JonnyBruha

    We could get into it, but the spec sheet alone kinda destroys your argument. We could do image comparisons, video samples (or I could, at least), how well each device is able to track your position, or even talk about how great videos look through TV-out just to start, but that’s not necessary. You can rant all day about how the UI is what matters, but that just means you’re too lazy to read the manual and never knew how easy S60 was before you picked up the dummy-proof iPhone.

  • Will Park

    Hahaha, wow I guess we can’t get along 😆

    Of course the N95 is tits, Nokia’s a seasoned player – if it wasn’t damn good, people would cry foul.

    I find it interesting that so many N95 owners are taking offense to the iPhone – Apple’s very FIRST handset. That’s like talking smack to my infant nephew cuz he can’t run as fast as I can.

    I love the N95, but I also love my iPhone, is there anything wrong with that?

  • PlayerKill


    It’s the opposite way around.

    The iPhone can only do web apps. -_-”

    Oh god… how much I hate ignorant Apple fanboys.

  • JonnyBruha

    What’s a web app? Don’t you mean a webSITE, since that’s what a web app is? Well, if that be the case, the N95 can “install” webSITES as well. 🙄

  • Derek

    the iPhone will get you laid before the N95 will

  • JonnyBruha

    …but the N95 can film it when it happens… 😛

  • Leon

    why not carry both in your pocket 😈

  • carey

    where can i download the iphone themes for nokia N95 5GB handset?? and other apps of iphone to use on my N95?

    I will say the iphone is great but the camera on this is so far so lame at 1.2 megapixels compared to the carl swiss lense and the 5 MP on the N95.

    I hope the second gen of the iphone has better camera etc, you would of thought the developers of the iphone would of thought alittle harder on this one!!!

    Again apples for apples

  • carey

    If anyone thinks that a funky phone will get you laid then you need yo head read, as most people that are into tech items are male!!!

    And if you happen to get laid via having an iphone then go buy a lotto ticket as you must be one lucky bugger!!!

  • carey

    Nice call jonny bruha love it, try taking photos then with your iphone while getting laid and compare the quality kids next to N95 LOL!!!!

    Either way if you are taking pics of sex or trying to film sex with a phone then thats a concern it self as would you be focused at the task at hand????????????

  • ba

    iphone vs n95

    give me the n95 anyday
    because of this
    u can argue about spec and os’s all day long
    but at the end of the day it’s about functionality and freedom of use
    like bluetooth and video rec i mean these are apps i can’t live with out and should be there without a doubt
    ooh and games that look and feel like games from a console.
    and all of that and more u can find on the n95 and not on the iphone.
    iphone is made for blond geeks who go for gloss and glass.
    and all the practical people who enjoy using there normal apps n95 is ur phone.

  • pat

    does this app work on nokia E51??

  • Ryan

    do iphone apps work on the Nokia 5230? It is within the series 60 thing so it should work right? It’s a great phone by the way!

  • Reggae Stormmackoy

    how do i download this apps my phone is n95????

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