Picasso phone

What you’re about to see is the official Picasso phone. Although it is inspired by the famous Spanish painter, the shiny clamshell sports only the so-last-year 1.3 MP camera. I thought the idea would be to take good photos. Or I was wrong…

Picasso phone

Anyway, the Picasso phone (model GF901) comes in 3 different colors — black, read and blue — and beside the camera, packs a media player, stereo Bluetooth, and colorful navigation keys. So why is it called a Picasso phone? Honestly, I don’t have clue — maybe there are tons of Picasso art wallpapers preloaded with the phone. We’ll have to wait and see… In the meantime, check out more photos after the jump.

Picasso phone - pic 1

Picasso phone - pic 2

Picasso phone - pic 3

Picasso phone - pic 4

Picasso phone - pic 5

Picasso phone - pic 6

Picasso phone - pic 7

Picasso phone - pic 8


  • mike

    what’s the brand of this phone?

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