WebKit Safari based browser coming to Nokia N800

Just when we’ve got Mozilla browser engine, Sand-labs.org announced the OWB (Origyn Web Browser) – Webkit based browser is about to hit the Nokia N800. The built in Opera was just not good enough for handling complex JavaScripts (i.e. AJAX), but then again the current release of Mozilla engine is still buggy and I find my N800 crashing whenever more complex page is loading in the browser.

Safari based browser coming to Nokia N800

Will Origyn Web Browser bring something new to the table? According to several sources around the web, WebKit, which is used in Apple’s Safari is known to outperform other browsers on low powered machines. For instance, Nokia is using WebKit code for its S60 browser for years, and people love it!

At this stage, Sand-Labs is still working on bugs, but hopefully soon enough we’ll have another browser available for N800, and… following the keyboard and scrolling, we’ll be one step closer to turn our N800s into iPhones… No, I don’t want to do that! 🙂

[Via: LinuxDevices]

  • Burt

    >> we’ll be one step closer to turn our N800s into iPhones…

    You WISH!

  • Neil

    Oh come on, this is just sloppy tech journalism.

    Safari is a closed source product, so how can OWB be based on a closed source product? I believe you mean that OWB is based on WebKit, upon which Safari and also Nokia S60 Browser are based. There is no direct relationship between OWB and Safari. Or Safari and S60 Browser – there is *NO SAFARI CODE IN S60 BROWSER*, to suggest otherwise is utter BS.

    To be honest I’m really not sure why you mentioned Safari at all in this piece, other than to bring up Apple and iPhone in yet another article.

    Please try harder next time and stick to the facts rather than making up sensationalist rubbish…

  • dusanb

    You’re absolutely right – it’s Webkit, not Safari-based browser. Thanks for dropping by, though! 🙂

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