Nokia N81 live dummy phone pics

Ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited moment is here – we have some real photos of the soon-to-be-released Nokia N81. Although this is not the real Nokia N81, the dummy version reveals much about it. Beside the things we already knew like that it will sport 8GB of memory, WiFi, 3G radio and the standard 3.5 mm audio jack, the following photos also reveal micro USB port, dedicated lock button, and stereo speakers. Plus, as all other Nokia NSeries devices, the N81 will run S60 on top of Symbian OS. Can’t wait to give it a try! 🙂

Nokia N81 photos

Check out even more photos after the break.

Nokia N81 - pic 1

Nokia N81 - pic 2

Nokia N81 - pic 3

Nokia N81 - pic 4

Nokia N81 - pic 5

Nokia N81 - pic 6

Nokia N81 - pic 12

Nokia N81 - pic 13

Nokia N81 - pic 14

Nokia N81 - pic 15

Nokia N81 - pic 16

Nokia N81 - pic 18

Nokia N81 - pic 19

Nokia N81 - pic 21

Nokia N81 vs Nokia N80

Nokia N81 vs Nokia 80 - pic 1

Nokia N81 vs Nokia 80 - pic 2

Nokia N81 vs Nokia 80 - pic 3

Nokia N81 vs Nokia 80 - pic 4

Nokia N81 vs Nokia 80 - pic 5

[Via: PhoneDaily, JAMPBLOG]

  • Viipottaja

    This is still just a plastic dummy, so the real thing should look even nicer!

    The lock button is great! It is very handy to have, especially in a music phone (N91 had it too, iPods have it etc.). So is of course the 3.5mm jack.. and 8GB… and Wifi.. and ganing.. 🙂 Great phone!

    The gaming key set up is still a bit of a mystery. Hmm.. so from that dummy (assuming its accurate) it seems that the piece of plastic around the ear piece could light up to reveal buttons and rock to allow pressing them. Or they could be touch sensitive, which I would personally not like too much. Some blogger (forget where I read it) had also noticed that in the viral add page the keypad light colour changes, so one could have the gaming keys light up with a different colour when in gaming mode..

  • dusanb

    Thanks for the tip that it’s a dummy phone. I was so excite to post the news, that I haven’t actually realized it. 😯

    Just updated the post.

  • John Mc

    Not liking the colours by some reason 😐
    But as its being dummy i wait all the way to 29th and see some more ❗

  • makaveli

    So i take it, there isnt a slot for mini sd or some other format memory card? given that its got 8gig internal memory, it may not be needed, however i would like 8gig for my music, but a 2gig card for my pictures if possible. is the 8gig a mini hard drive? does anyone know?

  • falak

    m goona soon hv dis
    dis phone is awesum~~

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