AT&T iPhone bill comes out to hundreds of pages!

Enormous AT&T iPhone bill from Justine Ezarik iJustine
Bills. The mere mention of the word elicits feelings of loathing and hostility. Alas, they are a fact of life – like taxes and death, except there’s just a lot more of them to deal with. We imagine just about everyone feels the same, so it’s easy to see why Justine Ezarik (of Justin.TV fame) felt it necessary to document her first 300+ page AT&T bill for her iPhone. What’s up with all the presumably extraneous pages? Apparently, AT&T itemizes every single transaction made from the iPhone – every SMS text, every call, every data transfer.

Yea, it kills trees. Sure, it’s a complete and unnecessary waste. And, it’s a great example of corporate idiocracy.

But, more importantly, we get to watch a cute blond with interesting eyebrows. She definitely makes the video worth a look. Because it’s important to, you know, uh, watch videos of cute chicks. Wait, what were we talking about again?

Just watch the vid. Oh, and use e-bill.

[Via: Business 2.0]

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