Juniper Research: Mobile social networking set for explosive growth

According to the Juniper Research’s report “Mobile User Generated Content“, mobile social sites are set for explosive growth. From the current 14 million this year, the report predicts more than 600 millions people will use these sites by 2012 — in terms of revenues, user-generated content content will account for $5.7 billion, up from this year’s $572 million.

Juniper ResearchAt present, mobile dating and chatroom services account for 57% of user-generated revenues, although this proportion will fall to 21% by 2012 as other services such as personal content delivery increase in popularity.

Dr Windsor Holden, author of the report, said that even though mobile social networking sites are in their infancy at this stage, already existing services are experiencing exponential growth, which is in some cases achieved through viral marketing. The high data charges remain the key hurdle to mass service adoption, as well as monetization.

[Via: MobileCrunch]

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