Sprint planning to rollout WiMAX service as “XOHM”?

Sprint WiMAX service called XOHMWe’re used to seemingly random naming conventions in the mobile marketplace, but this one takes the “Doesn’t-make-a-lick-of-sense” cake. Sprint’s WiMAX service, slated for a late-2007 rollout, is rumored to be launched as Sprint’s XOHM service. Say what? According to an anonymous source (those are the best kind) at Engadget, Sprint’s WiMAX venture with wireless ISP Clearwire and Google will be henceforth known as XOHM.

We’re not sure what XOHM is supposed to stand for, hopefully Sprint will shed a little light on the unusual naming convention in a future press release or something – maybe by Thursday. If anything, the new service does stand out in the sea of mobile tech acronyms.

Which sounds better, WiMAX N900 or XOHM N900? We like WiMAX, but who are we to second guess the corporate big-heads at Sprint. What do you guys think, WiMAX or XOHM?

[Via: Engagdet Mobile]

  • nombre

    X = No
    Ohm = Resistance

    No Resistance

  • NET9

    You will be assimilated. 😀

  • Will Park

    lol @ NET9

    nombre definitely has an interesting interpretation.

  • memjin


  • DiggetyDog

    XOHM stands for X-Extract
    O-Out of
    M- Actually this is A(ss)

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