Nokia 2115i explodes with a BOOM – another battery problem from Nokia?

Nokia 2115i explodes

Nokia is in a bit of hot water these days, what with all those defective handsets out there rocking faulty batteries. And this is sure to make things a little worse. Gizmodo reader Johnathan says that his Nokia 2115i basically exploded with a dynamite-like BOOM after he plugged in his phone for a little juice from his trusty battery charger. Apparently, he got a little more than a charged battery. After abotu 1.5 hours, he heard a loud explosion and found his phone in the burnt pieces you see above (and below).

Nokia 2115i explodes[Via: The Raw Feed]

  • Viipottaja

    Either 1) fake (most likely) 2) not an original battery (its one thing to have a little over heating and quite another to have an exploding one)

  • John Mc

    Its on its point that the batterly topic can start go flying and 100% of the pics are fake, but who knows( answer is u dont :smile:).

  • name


    How can i test my mobile, battery is good or not.

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