Zyb moves into social networking; Brings life to your mobile data

Zyb, the service which we’ve already wrote about that allows users to securely store their contacts and calendar online, has just been upgraded to give users an option to “bring their mobile data to life.”

ZybYou guessed correctly, they’ve joined the social networking club and now they are offering much more than a simple backup/restore service. Primarily, the new version of Zyb adds the sharing element, enabling users to connect to the people from their mobile phone’s address book to keep in touch and share mobile content. In addition, connected friends can keep their contact information updated in each other’s phones and can expand their social network by searching for people with whom they have mutual friends. Furthermore, Zyb now allows micro-blogging, as well as photo uploading directly from the users’ mobile phones.

Sounds like zyb.com had a great plan – first offer something useful and get the user base — at the moment almost 200,000 users across the world are using zyb.com — and then expand your offering with the social element. Brilliant!

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