Pregnant Indian woman burned by Nokia – non-recalled Nokia battery explodes and catches fire

Nokia BLD3 battery from Matsushita catches fire after explodingThese days we almost expect to hear about an exploding battery about every week. Whether it’s a mobile phone or laptop, batteries engulfed in flames no longer surprise us. But, the newest battery-exploding incident involves our favorite battery-recaller, Nokia. They’ve already had enough bad press with their BL-5C battery recall and now it looks like they’re in for a bi more. There’s that saying, “no press is bad press.” We’re sure Nokia would beg to differ.

So, if Nokia recalled all those fire-risking, defective batteries already, shouldn’t we just blame this Indian woman for not swapping out her Nokia handset’s battery? Well, no. You see, this pregnant Indian lady was using a Nokia handset with a battery that was not deemed defective and subsequently recalled. The BL-D3 battery (manufactured by Matsushita – the same company that fabricated all those defective BL-5C batteries) caught fire just 10 minutes after she plugged it in to juice it up – resulting in minor burns.

If the equipment is found to be original, Nokia plans to compensate the woman for her injuries. We wonder if Matsushita will be footing the bill on that as well.

[Via:  Yahoo]

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