Palm Centro to hit Europe on September 12?

Although we saw the Centro clearly branded with Sprint logo, it seems that Europe will get the Palm’s new baby sooner than U.S. The special dedicated page on Palm’s site suggests “the latest cool phone from Palm” will be officially unveiled on September 12. In addition, the site indicates the new device will be ready for the markets of Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Palm Centro to hit Europe on September 12?

As far as we know, the Centro will be the smallest Palm’s smartphone to date. In addition, some sources indicate Palm has been working closely with AOL, Yahoo and Google to integrate their online services (chat, maps?) into the upcoming device. Sounds promising, especially if Palm actually stand to its promise to make the Centro available for hundred bucks with a not-that-expensive contract. We’ll see…

[Via: Treonauts]

  • lutzs

    The site just says we get further informations to the new smartphone on Sep. 12., but not that it’s the release date.

  • dusanb

    Good point, just changed that.

  • William

    Are any specs available? Will it has a camera?

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