Sony Ericsson phones get camera picture-search

Thrrum Visual Browser for picture search on Sony Ericsson phonesWe take pictures with our camera phones all the time. Pictures of people, buildings, animals, cars – they’re all good. But, we haven’t really used our cameraphones to take pictures of books or other printed material. Sure, we’ve taken the odd picture of a good sale price on that laptop bag, but we never though we’d be able to use the picture to search for the best price on the internet.

23half Inc. has announced their new software that would allow Sony Ericsson owners to search the web using only pictures. The Thrrum Visual Browser can take a picture of any printed material (books, product label, etc.) and will launch a search based on the information in the image. The software is only available for Sony Ericsson phones and runs $5.99.

[Via: The Raw Feed]

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