100 free iPhone games

While there are no any games coming pre-installed with the iPhone, you can play many of the JavaScript/DHTML based games using the Safari browser. And in case you’ve been wondering which games are available, iPhoneGold has compiled a comprehensive list of 100 free iPhone games. There are puzzles, action and some card games on the list. Check it out and have some fun while commuting, during the weekend or whenever you want…

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

  • Thanks!

    Thanks for the link! Now I can play on my iPhone.

  • evan

    where do you get ipod touch games

    • darian_hurt_1

      On your Ipod Touch you have an App store you type free in the search and you can get alot of games free if you really like the game you can buy the full version but only some have a little bit of game and you only play like two levels i hope this helps 🙂

  • tuncay

    hammer spiel

  • SUEZ

    i bought an iphone which is manufactured by china at very cheap price? have i been cheated? why it’s so cheat?

  • Charles

    1.It cannot play java games.

  • Stephanie

    i have an iPhone and i dont know how to do any of these thing. For instance, play supermario, or put a piano, or any games. i don’t know how to do any of those things. i need help.


  • jenkies

    heyaaa 😀

  • ralph abi sleiman

    guys i really need some sites from which i can download games for my iphone with a 2.1 version….
    i wud appreciate it if any1 cud help….

  • tEEn

    i hav a ifone but donno where to get more softs n games frm, but thanx 2 ya….

  • Yazan Moussa


  • melissa


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  • Kwleyz

    Kwl But what website can u downloads games like Pocket god that isn’t from Itunes Plz i need instant help im a freeby RuNeScApE OwN’s

  • albertico

    hey brother thanks

    hey but in tha list dosnt come the mario brothers game and i want to play it. is the game avaliabe or just is a photo that says that there are games to play??????please answer me

  • sharan kamble

    i want new games

  • agtt009

    hey brother thanks

    hey but in tha list dosnt come the mario brothers game and i want to play it. is the game avaliabe or just is a photo that says that there are games to play??????please

  • vicky

    how to download game setup

  • moh

    how do u download it on ur iphone

  • Shannon

    I need games for my iphone

    • Espio1994

      you need to go to the app store for games and go under search to find games. if you type in lite most of them are free 😀

  • davidson


  • newbie

    hi..uhmm..i’m kinda new to here.. well i really dunno how to DL stuffs from laptop to iphone. can somebdoy help me out?thanks!

    • LJcool J

      whatever u have no idea what you're talking about u are just one of those computer freaks. Get a life DUDE…………………dont u believe a word this guy is telling u he is giving horrible advice so throw that in the trash can thats great good luck with yalls new iphones have fun with all those games. no problamo all u have to do is hook up your server with your computer and your iphone and get on your APP store and get all the games that u want to be on your iphone. No prob.. newbie

  • dooooodle

    where is the link?

  • cubiq

    why so difficult to find app and games for China Iphone (recon)..somebody can help me..?

  • edrees


  • LJcoolJ

    The iPhone seems to be a BIGGGGGG hit I say keep up all the good and all the hard work that every one has been doing so far and had that has made the one and only iPhone a great success I believe that the iPhone has mor and more hurdles to jump but as of right now its great and that we can't wait for that iPhone 4G to come out.

  • meee

    hi… i have an iphone but i dont know how to put games or apps in it, its a chiniese iphone i fink can someone please email me how to do all these thingss! plzz

  • kris

    thanks for this site

  • Cebu

    Thank you for sharing this…start downloading…

    • Loveirfan

      do you friendship me

  • Aum_no13club


  • Xzxzxzx


  • Bornokkolit

    i have iphone china i download the java games but problem is small screen sometimes not working pls help me to do how?

  • Trinidad_van

    i saw the games but how can i download it to my iphone. i need your answer. help me :))))

  • Rightnow

    How I download games plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Ramish

      first download itunes from apple.com then make your free account download from app store and via data cable the apps will install automatically

  • Mnsr

    I have I fone 4 plz help me to downloads many many games is my fone don’t forgat me plz. Help me

    • Afzal_bhatti
    • Afzal_bhatti

      Type your comment here.hi guys any problam 2 download the games apps and free itune acount contact me on +923007364514 email afzal_bhatti512@yahoo.com

      • Aamair_syed

        Hi… I want to create a new itune account, plz help me

    • Ericafayacosta

      you go to download games in settings  and you click that!ok?after that go to menu and you can play anytime you want!

  • Dougvickie

    can i play the games on my iphone 4 on my computer?

    • a few you can, most of em, not!

    • Anicasagun

      no you cant! thats different version!

  • Yedyooman

    how download iphone games plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tel

    • Nisrineahmed

      how to download iphone games

  • Alek

    eBoo great iPhone game 

  • Alek

    eBoo great iPhone game 

  • Bilal

    I want iphone 4 China copy games plz send me the link for china iphone 4 games java…

  • Usmanali

    i want jar file of games for iphone or tuchscreen mobiles plz send me a good link for this

  • ainu

    i have an iphone 3G chinese copy but i cant find any games site for it and the itunes games wont work in it plzz help!!

    • Denis

      🙂 browse in chinese apple store, maybe there you’ll find what you want

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  • Lolo_lele

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  • D4rekjfkdsjaf

     Have just purchased a Motorola touchphone & want to download scrabble but I have to download itunes first then set up an Apple itunes account – is there any other way for a free download of this game??

  • I love to play iphone games on my iphone and thanks for bringing this into my attention.

  • Naveed_muslim77

    hello i have china iphone 5 model:i5tv from can i get its apps and games .it is java phone but not supporting jar or jad files plz tel me how to install them in it.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Mobileenginer

      yea i have one good idea . get and petrol and wash your mobile after that boil you mobile with hot water , than it will work ,

  • Yousef Anam32

    hi and how r u i want two games i phone 1 32GB OK BYE

  • Yousef Anam32

    hello i have china iphone 1 model:i5tv from can i get its apps and games .it is java phone but not supporting jar or jad files plz tel me how to install them in it.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • kindly connect your phone to a computer using your USB , try to show hidden folders and look for memory card slot/drive try to select wreapp folder .. what games you got in there?? lets share

  • adam

    how to download iphone game

  • lovish

    how to get internet on my iphone 3g

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