iPhoneSIMfree iPhone unlocking software goes retail – go forth and unlock your iPhones!

It’s finally happened. After much anticipation and speculation over how the common-folk will get to unlock their iPhones, we finally have an answer. iPhoneSIMfree is hocking their unlocking software through third-party resellers the world over.

Wireless Imports will be handling orders in the USA, 1digitalphone will serve up the software to sauerkraut lovers (Germany), iPhoneWorldwideUnlock takes the Australian crowd, and iPhone4arab.com will bring the unlock solution to Saudi Arabia.

iPhoneSIMfree software unlock solution goes retail through third-party resellers

We’re still not sure if the iPhoneSIMfree software unlock solution will remain viable through all the successive iTunes updates, but it works for now. You can get your hands on the unlock solution for about a C-note ($100).


  • rob

    I thought you offered Free 2.1 Iphone Unlocking service/Tools? Wjats Up? THnaks

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