Samsung D880 DuoS can take two SIM cards

Although we used to see dual-SIM phones being released by the major handset makers in the past, lately all such devices come from China. Now that may change with Samsung announcing the D880 DuoS, the slider phone that can simultaneously work with two SIM cards. This translates into automatic configuration of such services as WAP, MMS and E-mail for two carriers without requiring any additional actions from the user. In addition, DuoS’ owners can set different ringtones for each of the SIM cards and know exactly which phone number they are respond to.

Samsung D880 DuoS

Finally, let’s talk about specs. Aside from two SIM slots, the D880 DuoS also boasts 2.3″ QVGA screen, 3MP camera with autofocus, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), high-capacity battery (1200 mAh), microSD expansion slot, as well as such preinstalled software as music player and business card reader.

Nice move Samsung, now bring this baby to the Western hemisphere. We’ll certainly know how to appreciate it…

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  • lutzs

    I guess
    – it first/only comes to asia
    – it has no 3G

  • Samuel Bamba Di Bamba

    What is the price of samsung D880 DuoS (duo sim card)

  • M S Haruna

    I want to buy Samsung handset D880 but not available in my area. How can I order online?

  • ricky b.

    had a samsung phone long time back. when i receive a message, it will only show the number of the sender, not the name, even if the said contact is registered in my phone. does this D880 duo, have no such problem?
    does it indicate from which sim card the sender was registered. please someone reply. i am planning to buy this phone… thanks

  • Luis

    does it support walkie talkie and cellphone??


    SAMSONG is the best

  • jade dg

    I have this D880 Dual sim phone. The second slot is NOT TRI-BAND! It does not work in the USA. The first slot works everywhere and is truly tri-band. This sucks, because i wanted to use two sim cards while travelling in the USA. if there is a quick fix for this or if my phone is defective pls let me know


    I need to buy the D880 in plenty for re sale,where can i get them because no distributor yet in Afica.I am in Botswana

  • Nikolai

    I bought one for 2300 Hong Kong dollars (apprx. 300 USD) 2 weeks ago in Hong Kong and it was great to use it in Asia, Russia and Europe, but when I came to USA I realized that only the first SIM will work on 1900Mhz network, so in the USA it is only possible to use it as a single SIM phone unfortunately. Otherwise it’s a really great device!

  • Viet

    does any one know how to make both sim cards work at the same time in the U.S.

  • Richard Addison

    cna this phone work with ATT service

  • Radeth

    Why phone’s shape is not nice like this? Should be slim and more nice than this. Hope u can design more nice two sims phone soon.

  • patrick caraco

    please can I get confirmation that this samsung D880 dual sim card, tri band 850/1800/1900 works wit At & T on VOICE in the California and orange in France ,I don’t care about email I have another device ,I have been told that I need a quadband with the 900 band for At & T , but i have been with them as Cingular for a long time and had before an Ericsson triband that was working perfectly


  • Nikolai

    Patrick, in USA you will onl ybe able to use 1 sim card in this phone, but in France both will work. This is because Sim-1 is tri-band, Sim-2 is only dual band and does not worl in US.

  • Krishan Gopal Swami

    I like system of this samsung D880 dual sim card..but not model..

  • patrick caraco

    Response to Nikolai, thank you but this I understand and it was not my question or maybe I was not clear enough:
    in regard to your response may I use Sim 1 triband with AT & T in the US and Sim 2 dual band with Orange in France
    I live mainly in the US and go one week per month in France, I want to use my phone and US number with At &T in the US and my phone and french number in France
    I don’t want to call France from the US # but if possible I like to receive….
    my main concern is that I have been told that a triband won’t work with At & T ?
    thank you

  • Nikolai


    So as I understand, you will put 2 cards into this phone. This way:
    While in US: Your AT&T card will work. Your Orange card will NOT work.
    While in France: Your AT&T and Orange will work together.

  • patrick caraco


    thanks we are making progress,and what you describe is ok for me, still I am unclear on one thing, there are conflicting comments saying that with AT & T
    my phone will work with a Quadband only , not a Triband ?
    I don’t want to buy a phone if it won’t work with AT & T in the US and I don’t want to change carrier

  • sadathulla khan

    i have purchase sgh d880 duo mobile for that i need some acceserios will you help me please

  • sunil

    i have purchased sgh d880 duo mobile , the problem with this handset is it does not read the sd memory card. As i was using a O2 window supported phone in the past and have copied the contact and music file to the sd memory card this d880 does not seem to read or copy the data on to the phone memory,pls is there anybody to help me put things in order.

  • abbas

    my problem with D880 is that it restart(reboot) when changing or swapping between SIM’s.

  • Nikolai

    Hello Patrick,

    I can not confirm that it’s works but I could see the At&T network on it when I was in Chicago.

  • Nikolai

    Abbas, ther is a button on the left side of the phone to chenge the actual sim card. you only neeed to switch the phone off when you want to change default card.

    The button on the left side can be used to select from which card you make the call or send SMS.

  • Laurence

    Well, for all the hype, I would say, I am dissapointed. why does the phone have to reboot everytime you need to used the other sim? I can not seem to send musinc from my p.c to this phone. Why and how do I do this with ease?


    i long back usung samsung d880 in midleast (uae). very good.
    but volum not good . incerasing volum. i can possiable downloading the violum softwere,

  • Sandrella

    I bought this model of Samsung. It’s really very usefull to have 1 apparatus with 2 SIM cards, but I have a problem. I have to charge the battery evey day, even if I don’t use the phone cell.

    • Hossam

      Check the Bluetooth activation
      I bought this model recently , I want your advice if you face any another problem for this model D880
      thank for ur reply



    I am arjun singh

    i bought this phone on 17 jun 2009 .it is very good phone u can buy it
    it displays callers name and numbers also . i advise u to buy samsung
    C-5212 dual sim phone its loaded with 1.2mp camera ,8gb expandable memory slot and more

    Thank u
    warm regards


  • Hugo Sanchez

    Por favor necesito ayuda tengo un celular samsung duos, y no me funcionan las dos sim card, me muestra mensaje de No service, que puedo hacer, gracias

  • nicole

    i just bought one this afternoon and i am starting to love this phone! i’ve learned a lot from this forum. thanks guys! 🙂

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