Black Nokia 6500 Slide spotted

Black Nokia 6500 Slide

Even though we still wait to see the Nokia 6500 released, Finish giant is already working on the black version of its powerful feature phone. Somehow this makes sense – the black phones usually look better, although even the original silver version of the Nokia 6500 Slide impresses. It’s kinda robust, simplistic yet it has that cool 3.2 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics on the back… More photos after the jump.

Black Nokia 6500 Slide - pic 1

Black Nokia 6500 Slide - pic 2

Black Nokia 6500 Slide - pic 3

Black Nokia 6500 Slide - pic 4

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • Leonard

    6500 classic and 6500 slide are both released,so probaly only you are waiting for them.

  • rahul

    Nokia 6500 is superb, i like to know wheather it is been upgraded and has brought with comparision with other multimedia phones

  • sarah

    does anyone know when or if this is gonna be released in the uk? i was gonna get the original one but if the black one comes out i want that instead!

  • Adnan

    It has been released on orange, I’m getting mine next week. Cant wait!

  • meghan

    🙂 😆 i love this phone in black im getting mine next week for my 13th birthday!!!yay!! i cnt wait!!! 😆 🙂


    😆 😉 😀 Ilove this phone in zed black

  • nagen

    😆 😉 its a good phone really agr8 one. i am having one the black slide but one thing i am not able to find a antivirus software for the phone.

  • Mehul patel

    da is wiked 😎 nd im getin it but i dont now which colur to get blackone or the normal one
    can u help me 😕 🙄

  • Andre

    I like the both colours maybee black is little more sexier

  • aquariusguy

    😛 i have a black versio 6500, looks sleek than silver, but the same feature. i lyk the camera, its very clear AND RICH IN COLOR, MORE vividand detailed.enjoy ur phone guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ali

    🙄 i feel like raping the phone

  • liang


  • kak

    it is made in china 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • sorabh

    its gr8, fantastic, isn’t it

  • deepak dabas

    the unknown budy are crazy about montu.

  • syedafzal

    th!s fone iz driving me round the bend…!!!!!
    i think silver color gives it a metallic loook but after all black is the king of colors

  • Angela

    Does anyone know how much is the nokia slide black limited edition worth? I have got a phone from free phones 4 u but it arrived and I’m not too pleased with it – they said it was worth £400 and is a limited edition?!

    Can anyone advise me if this is correct?


  • Pradeep


    Nokia 6500 Slider phone is very cute one 3.2 MP gives clear picture,TV out put works fine Its good phone..

    Have great year with this phone


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