i-mate working on a Foleo-like device?

i-mate is reportedly working on a “shell” device that will feature a 1024×768 display (7 inch?), the full QWERTY keyboard and a battery that can last 80 hours. While this sounds to good to be truth, and somehow reminds us on Palm’s cancelled project (Foleo), this time we’re bit more optimistic.

i-mate working on a Foleo-like device?First of all, I DO think there’s a room for a device that could fit somewhere between the full-blown laptop and a smartphone/PDA. The problem is that such a device should be affordable — after all, it IS the third device for most people. i-mate’s “shell” should apparently cost around $300 and rely on the smartphone to do all the processing and storage. Guess, they want to bundle their Ultimate phones with these “things.” Now, that’s something I don’t like, although I can imagine corporate customers loving it.

As usual, nothing is still confirmed, but that never stopped us from speculating. 🙂

[Via: ubergizmo]

  • lutzs

    300 is a much better price than over 600 😛 but with the Eee coming for under 300 with real x86 hardware, it could be hard for a embedded device. btw: 80 hours is cool, and ich like the foleo concept.

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