3Skypephone coming November 2?

Skype and 3 to launch mobile phone - 3SkypephoneThe rumored mobile phone venture from Skype and 3 UK, dubbed the 3Skypephone (makes sense doesn’t it?), is really starting to gain some momentum on the hype-train. Word on the street has it that the 2 megapixel-equipped, MP3-playing, Skype-enabled mobile phone will be hitting the market on October 29 on “pre-launch” status. November 2 is reported to see the 3Skypephone launch with three different color variants. The 3Skypephone will be offered with a “£12 ($25) Mix and Match 100 tariff which offers 100 minutes or texts or any mix of the two.”

We’ll just have to wait and see how this one pans out – looks like we won’t have to wait long.

[Via: UK Phone News]

  • Alexandru Szasz

    Any phone with wifi can use skype, why buy another phone?

  • John

    Because it is the cheapest wifi phone with a 2 mp camera, mp3 and bluetooth on the market.

    Getting its soon and I cant wait =]

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