First live pictures of the Nokia N82 leak


What exactly is that round bubble above the dpad? Are the keys really that thin? My Sony Ericsson W880i was hell for the first 48 hours, then I got used to the keypad very fast. These keys look to have the same layout. Specs are still what we knew in May: 5 megapixel, WiFi, HSDPA, basically a N95 with Xenon flash in a candybar. Only 1 more week until we find out for sure.

[Via: Unwired View]

  • William

    Looks like old Siemens devices. Ad buttons so thin.

  • mike

    it looks really ugly to me…

    i was expecting somethin with a shiny or transparent front cover like the leaked pictures back in the summer

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    we’re going to have to wait for the press photos

  • Momchil Karabulev

    it looks like a clear plastic cover.

  • Vassil Kossev

    I think the oval shape above the keypad is a sticker hiding the Nokia logo.

  • Chris P

    The keys look a bit like the old SE T610 (if indeed they are raise keys) or it could be that the ‘keys’ ate sunk holes and rely on touch. Well all will be revealed on the 2nd. Also the formfactor is a bit K750ish – then again SE did copy Nokias original classic designs – it all goes in circles.

    The circle on the front is a clear plastic laminate to protect the screen, but then again why have an opening? Maybe its a ‘touch pad’?

  • Hassan

    Vassil: yeah–cos the phone is so ugly :lol:

  • Chris P

    Hassan – its most likely a proto (I think anyway) as it as the old Nokia icon for the menu.

  • Andrew

    Hope the final thing doesn’t look like that, I liked the earlier leaked photos but that thing’s minging.

  • sivs

    this is not the real thing….these are just pictures of fake n82s which were found over a month ago…

  • Hassan

    the fake n82 did not have the multimedia button. also if you look closely you can see the S60 interface…

  • Mr-G

    It’s a sad day when the front of a cheap knock-off of a phone actually looks better than the real thing :neutral:

  • Abhay

    :mrgreen: :smile: :cool: IS nokia N82 is lanched N82 BLACK IT LOOKS :cool: :cool: :cool: NOT LIKE SLIVER BUT GREAT BLACK 5MPX,20X DZ , MICROSD SUPPOTS 8GB,ON BOARD 100MB,XENON FLASH NOT LIKE LED FLASH FEEL THE REAL DIGITAL CAMARA IN YOUR HAND REAL FLASH METAL IN FRONT :GIVE YOU 2GB MEMORYCARD ; THE FUTURE OF MULTTI MEDIA IN YOUR HAND :!: GREAT,CHEAP FULL OF FUN :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :!: :shock: FIRST TIME I WAS SHOCK OF PRICE NOW IT IS LOW PRICE *5 :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: great phone of FEB 2008 !!! Rock asia N82 :!: :wink:

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