Want to cancel your Sprint service? Sprint will unlock your Sprint phone.

Sprint agrees to provide unlock codes to departing customersWell, well, well. Look what we have here. Sprint, the No. 3 US wireless carrier, has just agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit by providing unlock codes to customers leaving Sprint’s networks for greener CDMA pastures (Verizon, Alltel). Customers wishing to change their CDMA service provider will be given an unlock code once their phone is deactivated and the last bill has been paid.

Sprint believes that this deal “is fair and reasonable,” adding that the settlement doesn’t indicate any malfeasance on Sprint’s part – the company agreed to the settle¬† “so we can continue to focus on our business.” Sprint won’t just be offering unlock codes for Sprint phones – they’ll be providing instructions on how to use their former-Sprint phone on, say, Verizon Wireless’ network.

Good for you, Sprint. We applaud you. It’s just too bad it took a class-action lawsuit to make this all happen.

[Via: Yahoo]

  • Snidely

    Two things –
    1. Sprint will not be providing advice on how to connect one of their phones to Verizon’s network. Only Verizon can do that. Sprint will be telling customers with unlocked CDMA phones how to connect to Sprint’s network.

    2. Verizon does not permit non-Verizon phones to connect to their network. So, while Sprint is forced to unlock phones, in reality, it will be no benefit to the customer; they’ll still have to buy a new VZ phone. That’s why the spokesman said it was reasonable; customers won’t be able to use the phone anywhere else.

  • Timothy Ward

    I am on a fix income and unable to afford any new service. I have AT&T service through my sister’s phone plan (her second line), and I have a new Sprint cell phone that wish to use it with the AT&T service. Will I have a problem using AT&T service on my Sprint phone?

  • rola

    so can you use the unlocked sprint phone anywhere?

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