Samsung L400v – Vodafone’s affordable 3G clamshell

Samsung L400vVodafone customers looking for a decent-looking 3G music-playback capable device, here’s something for you. It’s the Samsung’s colorful clamshell – L400v, which measures 91x46x22 mm and weighs 89 grams.

In addition to basic phone functions, the L400v can also serve as a portable music and FM radio player, and you can store tons of music thanks to the microSD memory card slot. Plus, let’s not forget the built-in 2 MP camera, dual screens (monochrome external and 176×220 pixels 262K colors internal) and Bluetooth support.

We’re not sure about the L400v’s price as it varies depending on the market, but we ARE sure you can get it for next to nothing with an appropriate contract…

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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