Hands on the Nokia N82!

Nokia N82 hands on pics in the wildIf you’ve been waiting anxiously for the Nokia N82 to hit the ground running with its long, 5 megapixel, Carl-Zeiss legs, you’ll have to keep waiting a bit longer. But, we have some more pics of the N95’s candybar-sibling for you to drool over in the meantime (or not, we prefer the N95). Again, this thing’s packing the same serious guts (aside from the addition of the Xenon flash) as it’s sliding Nokia stablemate – integrated GPS, 3G (HSDPA), WiFi, 5 megapixel camera with Carl-Zeiss optics and Xenon flash, Bluetooth, access to Nokia’s Music Store, and automatic screen rotation (a la the “rotateme” accelerometer tweak on the N95). That’s right! Nokia’s given the N82 out-of-the-box screen rotation.

Nokia’s apparently gone official with its accelerometer support on the Nokia N82, so we’re wondering what their plans are for the Nokia N95’s accelerometer. Will Nokia release an update to leverage the built-in accelerometer to enable an official auto-rotate feature? Well, if they don’t, at least we have “rotateme.”

Head on over to Symbian-Freak to check out the full hands-on experience. Interesting footnote – they excuse the photo quality because all pics were taken with an N95. What?

Keep reading for a few more pics of the Nokia N82 in the wild.

Nokia N82 hands on pics in the wild

Nokia N82 hands on pics in the wild

Nokia N82 hands on pics in the wild

Nokia N82 hands on pics in the wild

[Via: Symbian-Freak]

  • jackie

    it will become next n73 ~ wow~~~ hopefully nokia is doing somthing about n95 firmware so we dun have to use rotate me 2.0

  • Will Park

    Exactly. Since Nokia is obviously supporting the accelerometer in this phone, it makes sense that they would push out a new update to make use of the accelerometer in the N95.

    On the other hand, roateme is a pretty good solution.

  • Will Park

    Steel is unlikely, some sort of alloy is more possible. But in all likelihood it’s probably just plastic.

    Anyone else know for sure?

  • Stefan Constantinescu


    whoops hehe, no clue why people didn’t comment on the other one?!

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