Confirmed: Apple launching iPhone v1.1.2 firmware with European iPhone launch

iPhone update to v1.1.2 firmware

Beware, dear iPhone user. Apple has confirmed to PocketLint that US iPhone users can expect to see an iPhone v1.1.2 update become available tomorrow, Friday, November 9 – concurrently with the European iPhone launch in the UK and Germany (on O2 and T-Mobile, respectively).

We already know that the v1.1.2 firmware will bring enhanced language support with special character keys and international keyboards. UK users can also expect support for The Cloud WiFi HotSpots. So, what’s with the ominous warning? Well, like with all previous updates, we’re expecting the iPhone v1.1.2 update to break all existing jailbreak solutions – including our favorite, one-click, jailbreakme solution.

If you don’t need any extended language support, we’d recommend against updating to this latest firmware. Jailbreakme will automatically patch the TIFF security hole (and there are patches available through as well) so the increased security that Apple is touting with the new firmware is a moot point. Wait until Apple releases their official iPhone SDK or gives us video recording/MMS/iChat.

[Via: Mobility Today]

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