Sprint’s on board too – Sprint plans to allow pro-rated Early Termination Fee

Sprint announces pro-rated ETF and better customer serviceNo, you can’t use the recently increased SMS text message rates to cancel your plan sans Early Termination Fee (ETF), but starting in 2008, Sprint customers will be able to take advantage of pro-rated ETFs. Like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile before it, Sprint will only charge ETFs commensurate with the remainder of the customer’s wireless contract. In other words, the penalty for canceling your contract will be proportional to the length of time you have remaining on your contract.

Oh, and starting November 12, Sprint customers will be free to change their rate-plans without being forced into a contract extension. And, in Sprint’s push to improve customer service (ostensibly to boost their struggling bottom line), the company will be welcoming new customers with “welcome calls.” Sprint will also start notifying customers of large overage charges and bring better handset discounts to existing customers.

Now, this is a good idea. Better customer service and pro-rated ETFs are more likely to boost your core business than the gimmicky, over-priced, subscription-based, mobile gaming service Sprint Arcade.

In the end, we’re just glad that all four national carriers have officially jumped on-board the pro-rated ETF bandwagon. It’s a nice bandwagon, and we like riding it!


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