Nokia N82 press photos leak

Disclosure: I’m currently writing this from a hotel room at the Crowne Plaza in Helsinki, provided for me by Nokia, because tomorrow a few bloggers are invited to an event. You can only guess what we’re going to be playing with.

Update: More picture here on Nokia’s Official Press site.

Update Again: In case Nokia decides to take down the pictures that they accidentally posted early (you never know) I’ve went ahead and mirrored them on my Flickr account here.



[Via: Mobile Review]

  • Viipottaja


    nice hotel, stayed there a couple of months back. Anyway, tomorrow, when you post about how the N82 is, can you focus on:

    1) feel and materials
    2) keypad ergonomy
    3) navi wheel ergonomy/sensitivity
    4) xenon flash – how much of an improvement
    5) screen rotate smoothness and “value-added”
    6) keypad ergonomy! 😉

    Other features seem pretty much standard N-Series fare.

  • Topy

    Looks much better here than on those spy pics…thank god 🙂

  • Topy

    They couldnt get you in to Kamp hotel shame on them ❗ 🙄

  • Ricky

    nice find.

  • Viipottaja

    oh and 7) speed of the camera (start up, picture processing, pic to pic)

  • Viipottaja

    Topy, hah hah.. yeah, Kamp Hotel would have been sweet.. but that would have been too obvious ass-kissing and would have jeapordized the ass-kissing they are looking for in return.. 😉 😀 Just kidding, Stefan, just kidding.. I am so jealous.

  • William

    Looks like SE buttons 🙂 don’t they?

  • edunmc

    Hahah, nokia had take down the pics, as you said!
    “No photos for category: n82”

    I checked 1 hour ago and it was still there, but now it’s not!

    And thanks for letting us know!

  • Varun

    Looks sweet and tons better than the earlier pics..

    Why did the take it down ?

    Stefan ?

  • Viipottaja

    William, more like the N91 or.. err.. what was it 8610 or something like that in the old 8xxx phones. 🙂

  • Maciek

    Seeing as Nokia is treating early adopters (me being one) I’ll wait a couple of months to see if they will release it with the US band (a dream come true would be with T-Mobile UMTS 1700). Perhaps play a bit with it when it will arrive in Chicago at Nokia Store…

  • Chris P

    William – you have no clue about mobiles if you are implying Nokia copied SE’s buttons. Its a ridiculous and wrong suggestion – if you want me to prove it I can do so easily.

  • Steve Paine

    That keypad looks terrible. I can’t remember where i’ve used one similar. Casio? HP calculator? Something like that!

    Steve ‘Chippy’

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