Orange to release the “world’s first” solar-powered Bluetooth headset – Iqua BHS-603 SUN

Iqua BHS-603 SUNEven though it seems kinda logical to think of Bluetooth headsets as ideal solar-powered accessories, we still wait to see the first such device released. Actually our wait is about to end, as Orange is preparing to release the “world’s first” Bluetooth headset that takes the power from the Sun – Iqua BHS-603 SUN. Apparently, potential buyers of the 14 grams “heavy” accessory should expect up to 200 hours of standby and 9 hours of talk time in complete darkness. Quite decent, don’t you think?

No, we don’t know the exact release date — Orange just says “coming soon” on its website. And as always, the green will cost you more of “green” if you know what we mean – prepare to pour out £49.99 (about $104 these days) to get that eco badge if that’s what you want…

[Via: Wired Blogs]

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