Snap.Send.Get from SnapTell – get product information from advertisements with your camera phone

SnapTell launches their Snap.Send.Get mobile marketing solutionEver passed by a billboard and wondered what’s up with that product? SnapTell wants to help you find out with their new service – the appropriately-named Snap.Send.Get marketing service. All you have to do is “snap” a pic (with your camera phone) of any advertisement, “send” the picture to SnapTell’s image recognition servers, and you’ll “get” you more information on what the advertised product is all about.

Instead of relying on mobile spam marketing, SnapTell’s Snap.Send.Get is a completely opt-in marketing solution. The user wants to know more about the advertised product, so they choose to find out more about the product. The Snap.Send.Get image-recognition platform is said to be compatible with all camera phones and works without any additional barcodes or software installation. Just snap a pic of the advertisement, email it to SnapTell, and get some additional marketing material.

Try the demo here.

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