Video: ClearTXT, every University should have this

How many of you are University students or recently graduated? Isn’t getting notified by your teacher a pain in the ass or getting your grades a tedious process? I desperately wish my University had this. Every University should have this.

Update: Podtech’s embedded player isn’t working right, just watch the video here. Grrr.

[Via: Robert Scoble]

  • Doug Kaufman


    Thanks for the kind words. Your reaction is something we hear often – “where was this when I was a student?” In our experience, students are the most excited and receptive to clearTXT. They say things like, “I can get my class announcements and grades sent right to my phone? Sign me up!”

    Hopefully the education community will become more receptive to this everyday and one day students will say to us old folks, “you used to have to login to check your announcements? Wow, I couldn’t even imagine that.”


  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Thank you Doug for making sure future generations can have yet another thing to laugh at me about. 😆

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