Apple bringing 3G iPhone to Europe in May 2008?

3G iPhone for TelefonicaAh, the 3G iPhone. There’s been talk of an iPhone sporting high-speed wireless data speeds for some time now, and it seems there’s no end to the rumors. Word on the street has it that Apple could be bringing a 3G iPhone to Europe in May of next year. Spanish news rag, El Pais, is reporting that mobile software developer SevenClick is expecting Telefonica to get the mobile broadband-addled iPhone in May.

The rumors are apparently rooted in discussions with Telefonica management regarding the launch of the Apple iPhone in Spain. Telefonica will be making their iPhone debut in the Spring and it’s possible that we could see the launch of the highly-anticipated 3G iPhone.

Could a 3G iPhone be just a handful of months away? We have no idea – that’s the nature of speculation. But we’ll be saving our pocket-change and diving into the couch cushions in preparation of the 3G iPhone’s launch. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on the latest 3G iPhone news.

[Via: MacWorld]

  • Alex Manther

    Apple iPhone 3G will be on sale worldwide 9 June.
    Most reliable source possible.

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