• Dan

    My N95 was bought at the flagship store in Chicago. No update available for me yet…

  • Ken

    Great news 😎

    Whats there to say? I’m still getting into it but it is amazing so far.

    * New Welcome application
    * New camera software and tweaks from the 8GB model – FAR faster shot to shot time, with ‘Processing image message’ during any delays
    * Long press on camera button launches camera if shutter is open
    * New My Nokia SMS tips and mobile web portal system
    * Demand paging of ROM apps!!!!!! 30 plus MB free after booting!!
    * Search 4.0 integration on standby screen
    * Old multimedia menu still there, i.e. it’s not the new style
    * N-Gage game previews (FIFA, Asphalt) and portal/shortcut to upcoming N-Gage client, as in N81 and N95 8GB
    * Nokia Music Store client, although the store server hasn’t been updated to handle the N95 yet – maybe this’ll happen later today
    * Keypress bug gone(!), I think
    * No auto-screen rotation,

  • reptile18

    Does it really make it that much faster?

    What does “No auto-screen rotation” mean?

  • newtype2011

    Wow, sounds as though they really put some serious effort into this FW update. I’m using the N5-3, and, while there is no update for that particular flavor yet, I’m patiently waiting for the integrated search function as well as a speed boost in the camera.

    …demand paging wouldn’t be a bad thing as well.

    Updates like this make me love Nokia that much more –

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