Motorola Chief Technology Officer jumps ship following CEO Zander’s resignation

Motorola CTO leaves after CEO Zander announces resignationWe barely got word of Motorola’s lame-duck CEO Zander planning to jump ship with that golden-parachute that he soo obviously deserves, and now we’re hearing that Moto’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Padmasree Warrior, called it quits to seek out greener pastures (greener, and probably more satisfying than Motorola’s staid tech offerings of late). Like so many rats escaping a sinking ship, it looks like Motorola’s leadership is escaping before they go down with the ship.

Now, to Motorola’s credit, new-CEO-to-be Greg Brown has vowed to turn things around and maintain the company’s Q3 performance. And, a new CTO could spark the renewed focus on innovation and high-technology that Motorola needs to regain even a portion of its once-mighty glory. It’s just too bad Moto had to lose an officer with such an awesome name in order to make that happen. Seriously, who wouldn’t want “Warrior” as their last name?

Motorola said that Padmasree Warrior has left to “pursue other opportunities,” and will be replaced by Moto’s strategy chief Rich Nottenburg. Interestingly, there was no mention of whether Warrior was leaving of her own accord or was forced to take walk the plank.

In either case, there seems to be a changing of the guard underway at Motorola – the CFO and the head of mobile device business took leave earlier this year, CEO Ed Zander will be replaced as we usher in the new year, and now the CTO has quit. So who’s left? Seriously, we hope Motorola’s got a plan to fix the battered ship’s helm. It would be a shame to see Motorola fold up like so many MVNO’s of late.

[Via: Reuters]

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